Suite for a penny or accommodation in the private sector

From the plus Such accommodation options can be noted:

• Spatial freedom, because at your disposal there will be a whole apartment or even a house with a garden;
• Independence from the schedule of hotel, neighbors and other unpleasant things;
• Economy on food, even if perfectly equipped kitchen you will be used exclusively for making coffee and toasts;
• more opportunities for recreation and entertainment, such as swimming pool, located near the cottage;
• Various "utility", such as a washing machine, iron, hair dryer and much more;
• as well as the mass of "interests" such as a large plasma panel, a DVD player, a stereo system or a computer with internet access.

However, in this delicious barrel of honey, of course, it was not without a spoon of conception! Negative moments Private housing rental can be:

• problems with submitting documents for a visa, if you bring a regular letter from a private person as a confirmation of the reservation;
• partial, and sometimes one hundred percent prepayment, which may become a serious financial problem in an unforeseen situation, such as, for example, with a recently rare volcano;
• Household troubles, like the lack of hot water, breaking down plumbing or other problems that can not always instantly decide in the absence of a traditional hotel reception;
• Sometimes serious complexity can also be the need to call the owner of the property already immediately before the meeting, because mobile phones do not always work normally in roaming;
• Finally, do not forget that private housing is usually missing a number of hotel functions (cleaning beds and rooms, meals, although breakfast is sometimes inclusive in the price, and more).

Concerning Security and Booking Guarantees apartments or cottages, then it is not necessary to communicate with the "private sector". In Europe, and in the remaining civilized countries, such accommodation options are decent than we have. It also applies to the likelihood of "Kidalov": since foreign laws are much striking to all of us known, people try to be more law-abiding, well, the concept of conscience, of course, no one has canceled!

Search and booking housing

I admit honestly that I myself usually travel a loved one and just one fellow traveler (or fellow travelers). Therefore, for a detailed story about choosing a habitat for a large company I decided to turn to the one who has a fairly big practical experience. So, meet – an avid lover of budget travel and a wonderful father of the big family, Viktor Kalinichenko! Today, my guest will instruct you in detail (and at the same time))) about how to search and book the most comfortable and profitable accommodation abroad. Next, I give the floor to Viktor ..

Greetings to all those gathered here! So, let’s begin…

First of all, we give several sites for booking for private apartments, apartments and villas.

These sites are good because you are renting accommodation directly from its owner, that is, without the participation of intermediaries.

What should be done, To book accommodation On one of these sites? We will give an action algorithm on the example of the first site. Initially, you should choose a country of residence, and then in the next combo box – region. You can also enter a city, number of people, as well as specify dates, but it is already optional. The site will search for and without it.

After you Found housing on the site, the very first thing to do is Register, Entering in the form of registration, all the necessary data (the main thing is to correctly specify the email address). Next, you need to open the window with the apartments you have chosen, check whether housing is available on the calendar and then click on the "Contact The Owner" button. In the questionnaire that appears, fill in all fields and Write the owner message or email letter and ask him all questions, the answers to which you did not find in the description of the apartment. Specify the amount for your period. Ask, prepayment in which amount is required to pay until arrival (that is, an advance). Ask how he can accept the amount of an advance (through the Western Union system, through a bank transfer, or in any way).

Look in the questionnaire or, if not specified, ask, whether included in the price Cleaning after the end of the rental period, bed linen and towels (usually indicated in the questionnaire). Also specify the amount of the deposit (collateral) for the safety and integrity of property in the apartment. This amount is usually within 150-200 euros, but it can also not be. This money owner will return to you when you leave the apartments, provided that all property has been completed and you fulfilled the terms of the contract. Do not forget to ask the owner’s contact phones (if not specified in the apartment profile), as well as the address. It may be necessary if you get lost and you will not be able to find the desired home.

After the owner confirms the possibility of booking, sending an email to the address you specified during registration can be send it to the specified amount. Ask the owner to send you a confirmation that the amount is received and what housing for your days is booked.

How to write such a letter owner housing?

Below we give some template.

Suite for a penny or accommodation in the private sector

I am Interested in Renting Your Property (Apartment / Villa / Flat / House) for The Period from … Till … We Are … Persons: … adults and … Children (… Years OLD). IS The Property Free for the Above Period? What Will Be the Price? Does The Price Include Bed Linen, Electricity, HEATING AND FINAL CLEANING? What amount SHOLD BE PAID AS Deposit? How Should I TRANSFER THE MONEY?
First Name Last Name
Contact information: E-mail, telephone with an indication of the international code of the country and region (for example, +7 911 123456789)

Translation of what is written above:

I am interested in renting your property (apartments / villas / apartments / houses) for the period from … by … We will … A person: … adults and … children (… years old). Whether the object is free to the above period? What will be the cost? Is it included in the price of bed linen, electricity, heating and cleaning at the end of the rental? What amount should pay as a deposit? How should I transfer money?
Best wishes,

Of course, the text of the letter should include all of interest Private questions. Below we give some of them.

1. Could You Specify The Exact Location of the Property on The Map? (E.G. ON HTTP: // Maps.Google.COM)
2. Is There A Baby Cot?
3. IS There A Parking Place? IS IT Free of Charge?
4. We Are COMING LATE At Around … O’Clock. IS IT OK?
5. Is There Anywhere An Internet Access or Hot Spot?
6. Is There A Garden Or a Playground Where The Children Could Play?
7. How Far Is The Nearest Beach?
eight. How Far Is The Nearest GROCERY OR SUPERMARKET?

1. Could you refer to the exact location of the object on the map? (for example, on http: // Maps.Google.COM)
2. Is there a baby cot?
3. Is there a parking place? It is paid?
4. We are going to come late, in … hours. It is suitable for you?
5. Is there any opportunity to access the Internet or hot spot somewhere?
6. Does the garden or playground, where children could play?
7. How far is the nearest beach?
eight. How far is the nearest food store or supermarket?

On this, perhaps, I will finish my brief lecture. I thank everyone for your attention and referring the word to the author of the article ..

As you can see, booking private housing is not a difficult thing, and sometimes even exciting and interesting! Well, in addition, let’s not forget about our main goal – saving! In order to clearly show how best it is possible, and at the same time it is quite comfortable to spend your vacation, at the end of our conversation I asked Victor to bring Example from personal experience. A couple of years ago, our guest stayed in Spain in three-bedroom apartments with a terrace and swimming pool. At the same time, only 200 meters was also beach! It was in early October, when the formally bathing season was already completed, but in fact the temperature of the air and water continues to be quite a summer. And for all this modest pleasure Victor gave only 200 euros per week. Tempting, is not true?

On this sunny-spanish note, I, perhaps, finish my post! See you soon!

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