Sugrets beat records

So that you are not surprised at this snowy winter and snowdrifts in the regions from Adygea to Vladivostok, show photos of Vorkuta after the next snowfall. Picture was made in the 1960s. What you see is a typical situation for Vorkutans. Residents of this city for the polar circle had to cope with much more serious consequences of snowfall. Per day here can fall more than 30 cm of snow. For comparison: in the Astrakhan region, such a number of snow falls over the whole winter period.

Imagine how much snow in Vorkuta falls out in the winter! The smallest season rate is 160 cm (!), and the biggest – 275 cm. Almost three-meter snow wall. By the way, Vorkuta is also included in the ranking of the most windy cities of Russia. During a strong fleece, the wind can catch you, the speed of which is 50 m / s.

Sugrets beat records

In Moscow, a snow record was established in February 2018. Then in two days in the city fell 45 cm of snow at a monthly rate of 36 cm. This year, the weather in the capital also moved with snow. From February 11 to 14, 34 cm of precipitation fell – 97% of the norm for the month. Another strong snowfall happened in 1994 and also in February. Then in three days in some areas of the cities rose a height of 78 cm high.

According to weather forecasters, it is not the last snowfall in the current winter. Smile and wave! After all, everyone has already acquired shovels for filing cars and laying the road on the sidewalk?

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