Suggested cheap cruises on the Mediterranean Sea

Cruise tourism is often associated with an expensive view of the rest. But it is not always true, among many offers you can find enough cheap and comfortable and interesting sea cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. So, we present a few best budget cruises offered by Royal Caribbean International. The cheapest will cost a five-day cruise from Spain to France and back. Cruise ship follows the route Barcelona – Nice – Palma Da Majorca, where it makes a couple of days, – Barcelona.

Another interesting cruise covers three countries of the Mediterranean – Spain, France and Italy. From Barcelona, ​​the liner follows to Nice, and from there – in Rome, where tourists are waiting for an unforgettable walk. After that travelers float on Sardinia, where you can spend the whole day, and then return to Barcelona. There is another route that allows you to get acquainted with these countries, designed for eight days. The tour departs from Malaga to Valencia, then to Rome, Florence and Corsica.

Suggested cheap cruises on the Mediterranean Sea

Amateurs of ancient civilizations and exotics are waiting for cruises on the Eastern Mediterranean. They start in Rome and followed through Sicily in Greece, tourists will be in Athens, and then go to Kudashasa and Ephesus, they will see Crete and after the daily transition in the open sea will return to Rome.

During all cruises on board the vehicles of tourists, there are a variety of entertainment: bars, discos, swimming pools, spa salons, mini-golf courses and shadow cortes, and on some liners – ice rink and wall for climbing lovers.

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