Sugar with full drive

It would seem that you will find in the desert? A couple of stiffed bushes, sandy barhan yes a sluggish lizard that got out of the mink to warm up in the sun. But it depends on what desert and when. Here in the sands of the Sahara, the largest desert of the world, life, if you look closely, hits the key. Even dunes (here, by the way, the most extended dunes in the world), and they do not stand in place for seconds, but move, float, driven by the wind in him one famous direction.

In February or early March, Sugar is great. Heat is not so strong, and the winds are affectionate. Therefore, at this time, the tourist department of the Moroccan city of Marrakesh offers those who wish to go to Safari on jeeps in the Moroccan part of the Sahara.

This opportunity is all the more valuable, that from other North African countries to get into the Sahara desert is incredibly difficult. Islamic terrorists buffen in Algeria, in Western Sahara – permanent martial law, and in Mauritania there can not tolerate alien. Morocco – the country is peaceful, hospitable and not at all expensive. The six-day tour on jeeps will cost travelers about $$ 350-400 for the person that for safaris on cars just funny.

Jeeps are offered by tourists almost new, with special wide tires for driving in the sand and with a full gasoline tank. Tourists accompany two guide-berber, communicatively explained in English. And tents, gas tiles, dishes and provisions for six days are loaded into the trunk of SUVs. Worders of driver’s license, not frightened steep slopes of sand dunes and bugish stony plateaus, allowed to sit behind the wheel. The rest of the Safari participants occupy passengers.

So, early in the morning with the Central Market Square Marrakesh, the caravan of four jeeps will go gray. It will not pass two hours after departure from the city, as a procession will pick up to the foot of the mountains of southern atlas, where the flowering valleys ends and sugar begins. Not even immediately it will be clear that you are in the desert. At first, a kind of road will be noticeable to the plateau, and only every other day the carbon vehicle will enter the Jebel Jahro area, famous for its "Moon" landscapes.

Sugar with full drive

The next parking lot is in the village of Bedouins, called Mensuga, where in the evening you can admire the sun coming among the gentle slopes of sand dunes. Evening landscape here is considered the most beautiful in North Africa.

Even after two days, shaking in the sands and overnight stays in the tents of travelers is waiting for the valley "Thousands of Kazbakhov" – fortified oasis sugars. Like Mirage, in the middle of the desert, palm trees arise, groves of almond trees and purest reservoirs with ice water. Each oasis is assigned to the Berber nomadic tribe. Berbers zealously guard the precious corners of the coolness from the raids of sand storms. But the guests are always ready to divide and the dates – not dried, as in Moscow, and fresh and not yet confused natural aroma.

Valley "Thousands of Kazbakhov" – Swivel Sugar Safari. From here, with the longest point of the South-Eastern Morocco, the caravan of jeeps will turn back – to Marrakech. On the way, he will still make a few stops in deserted places – so that everything, coming out of the car, was convinced that winter sugar is not so ruthless. Knowing completely tolerant. Crawl lizards, varana, scorpies (safe, if you do not step on them with bare heel). In the sky, sometimes birds appear: or vulti, or vultures. But noticing that the jeeps are in complete service, and the tourists are fed and cheerful, disappointed birds are removed away – deep into the Sahara.

Sugar with full drive

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