Sugar Islands require you to buy a license

In the nearest Saturday, the silence of earthly paradise, which are traditionally considered small Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, breaks the screams of the babies and sounds of folk songs "calypso". In the state of Antigua and Barbuda, the famous annual carnival begins. However, people resting here for the fences of their own villas, the noise and accumulation of foreign people with the cameras do not annoy. With the exception of these two weeks, life in the former English colony flows slowly, and the peace of apartments categories "lux" violated except splashing waves yes singing rare bird breeds.

Any travel agency or a broker who wants to make accommodation in Antigua and Barbuda, in a conversation with a potential client, will definitely remember that in this state a unique number of beaches – exactly 365, no more and no less. That is, every day of the year has to just one one, and they are all open to the general public. Most beaches are washed by the waves of the Caribbean, a smaller part – the waters of the Atlantic. Therefore, the choice, where to stay on vacation, surfers and divers are huge and diverse.

One of the three islands of this small state – namely the Redond Island – despite the lust of cash bags, so far remains an oasis of tropical flora and fauna, and the land is not for sale here. If you want to be closer to entertainment events and cultural institutions, it makes sense to settle closer to the capital of St. Johns, which is located on the main island – Antigua. The third island, Barbuda, famous for the white-pink sands of his beaches. From the capital before it should be either flying 20 minutes by plane, or three hours sail on the yacht.

The invasion of Europeans on Antigua began since the leg of Christopher Columbus stepped on the island, and then the British National Hero – Admiral Horatio Nelson. It is not surprising that after the five colonial centuries of the indigenous islanders in the area of ​​the Caribbean did not remain. All the local residents that meet you are in English and are direct descendants of black slaves, once worked on sugar plantations of conquerors.

The house of the first local slave owner of Cordington, who began to grow sugar cane here, is just the oldest model of private real estate on the islands. The remains of his Highland House are still preserved at the highest point of the Barbuda Island – at an altitude of 40 meters above sea level.

Modern foreign buyers of housing, erected on one of the two inhabited islands, first of all expect a visit to power by the pre-war. Nowadays, acquire land in Antigua and Barbuda is allowed only after receiving a special license (Non-Citizenhs Licence), for which you will have to pay as much as 5 percent of the purchase price – whether it is a bare section or ready building.

Basically, wealthy aliens are justified on the islands from abroad, accustomed to equip their life and leisure to the highest category. Therefore, the real estate put on these days for sale, it is impossible to call cheap. For example, a villa in James Point on the Atlantic coast, with 20 acres of land in addition, sold for $ 450.000. This four-bedroom house with two bathrooms, kitchen and veranda stands on the hillside and has direct access to the beach. Coast covered with coral reef ocean waves is the perfect place for "Parkovka" Boats or yachts. Previous owners house already telephoneized, electrified and even furnished.

Tax on the purchase of real estate in Antigua and Barbuda is 2.5 percent of the sale price, plus a total of 2 percent of various stately and deductions.

Sugar Islands require you to buy a license

However, in many cases, there are more profitable for people to build housing independently than inheriting other people’s walls. Land variation for land in Antigua is huge. Typical for these places "allotment" 0.2 hectares costs from $ 40.000 to $ 325.000 or $$ 15-160 per square meter, depending on the location and infrastructure level. If the financial capabilities of the buyer are limited, you can always come from some urban requests and save. For example, 12 acres on the southeastern side of Antigua Island in Crawl Bay can be purchased for $ 100.000 if you want to settle right on the seashore, or for $ 75.000 in case you agree to live a little higher and walk to the sea on foot. The specified price includes asphalt road and telephone line. But these sites, alas, are deprived of water supply and electricity.

Attach money in Antigua-Barbuda land and open home to the foreign investor will not succeed. "Disrupted" Upon receipt of the license, a foreigner is obliged to deploy construction work during the year. Long-term or Butaforskaya construction site is also unacceptable: to build a typical villa in a caribbean style with an area of ​​185 square meters, the state takes 8 months, maximum one year. There are several highly qualified architects who know all similar formalities on the islands.

The cost of the construction itself is not much different from European or North American rates and ranges from $ 700 to $ 2.000 per square meter depending on the quality and brand of materials used. It is not known how about marble, but with a stone styling and wood trim, most local builders will perfectly cope. Yes, and these materials are not too expensive here.

Housing rental rates in Antigua and Barbuda low can not be called. You can save by visiting the state in the season of the relative clutter, which comes from the our summer. For example, a two-bedroom villa is a 20-minute drive from the capital for rent at a reduced price $ 1.900 per week or $ 4.500 per month. But from mid-December to May, it will be possible to remove the same house in less than $ 2.500 per week / $ 6.500 per month. The tenant who paid this money will be able to wash in two bathrooms, breakfast on the veranda, swim in the private pool and use the local phone.

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