Sugar head in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilians nicknamed so mountain due to their unusual shape, resembling a piece of sugar. The height of Sugarloaf is almost 400 meters, and it is popular with climber (along with neighboring hills, they form one of the world’s largest city climbing centers). The cable car was built in 1912 and the last time was changed in 2008. Consists of two cableways.

Kabina, which rises upstairs, completely transparent (and therefore – panorama for all 360 degrees). The rise takes 3 minutes.

Italians did the cabins – so they are beautiful, convex, stylish.

There is a helicopter platform on the hill, from where everyone can fly over Rio, it is an average of $ 200 for 8-9 minutes flight.

Climb even higher

The rise takes three minutes from the beginning to the end. Departures available every 20 minutes from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm. Cost 53 Real for an adult, a ticket for both funicular therea-back.

There you can also walk along the green area, there are many benches, relax in the shadow of the heat – the most.

Warning: monkeys and other animals, except for a person, do not feed.

From nowhere, nevertheless, a little monkey appeared, more like a kitten behavior.

She looked at the bear, changed in the mood: it began to scratch himself frightened, scream, jumped and ran away. Jokes with our teddy bear bad (she thought).

Sugar head in Rio de Janeiro

We have referred to the evening, but all tightened the clouds.

Statue of Christ covered with clouds and sunlight.

By the way, I noticed that everything is photographed in Brazil to the phone and for some reason very few Japanese. I did not see them only on Madeira.

Waiting for Evening Rio

You can get and need yourself, I do not advise excursions, because everything is running there. On the URCA (URCA), you can kill a whole day day 🙂 thirty. Brazilian buses with air conditioners are very severe, cold. We are from Russia frozley in Brazilian buses, paradox! Rides a bus back the bus for some long trajectory, probably the hour of plot. As a result, all the costs of 53 Real + 5.5 passage. And I also have a request to those who will be on the sugar head. There in souvenir sold magnets wooden with handmade tucanan for 10 reals. Bring, A?

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