Sugar head in Rio de Janeiro

Sugar head – Mysterious place in the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro. Even the very name of the mountain causes interest from visitors tourists. Mount ruled to the sky of 400 meters. Located natural attraction on the shore of Guanabar Bay. At the very top there is a second in height of the observation deck in Rio. From the highest point of the mountain you can easily explore the whole city. Especially Rio beautiful at night, in the light of the lights. In the dark, the statue of Christ begins to highlight the statue of Christ and then the feeling may appear that you found yourself in a distant fabulous country.

Mountain shape really remotely can remind her head. But that’s why adjective is added to it «Sugar», Let’s figure it out. And all simple. The fact is that the locals for some reason often compare the mountain with a piece of sugar. From afar it is impossible to understand that a little bit to get closer to the logic of Brazilyan, it is worth seeing a natural attraction lived, in the immediate vicinity. There is another version. Legend says that once a long mountain surface was covered with sugar cane.

Sugar head in Rio de Janeiro Attractions Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

An amazing form of rocky education is easily explained by a magmatic form over time, it was sharpened by strong winds, brings from the Atlantic.

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