Sugar Posses: Sweet feed is allowed!

In nature, the animal loves to be fell into fruit, and in captivity it is usually fed with honey or silent baby food, which he is only glad. For the love of a sweet animal received a nickname "Sugar squirrel", although his official name is a sugar-sugar flying. There are other options: Sugar Flying Potsumen, Dwarfs Buggy flying, short-headed squirrel, Petaurus Breviceps.

Sugar Posses live in Australia, on New Guinea and adjacent Islands, Bismarck Archipelago. It is difficult to notice it. The day of the animal prefers to sleep, and only with the onset of twilight can be seen as he plans from the tree to the tree, rarely going down to the ground. It is possible to "slide" through the air due to the special membrane stretched between the front and rear limbs. Pulled out the paws and "flew". fifty meters and even more.

And all this – in the dark. Big eyes and large, very mobile ears help to navigate. And it is possible to hold the course due to the steering wheel, the role of which performs the tail – 15-20 cm long, which is approximately equal to the length of the body. By the way, they are gravily enough for him and transfers small items, for example, branches. Weigh the animal about 100-150 g, and when flying a small body weight is an advantage.

Newborn Potsum no more rice grains!

Sugar posseums can not be called introvert. Sweet tooth lives with other relatives, and in one group there may be 7-20 individuals. He heads her dominant male, he marks the members of the pack and the territory.

In June-July, the marriage season comes, after which females bring offspring. Sugar Posses – Animal Baggy, like Kangaroo and Koala. And, like all the silent, the period of pregnancy is short. 15-17 days after conception, it is born from one to three young, and each is not the size of more rice grains. With the help of mother, newborns move into a bag to her on the stomach, where 60-70 days are developing. But on this, their childhood does not end. When the kids leave the bag, the mother helps them adapt to the environment, which goes about eight weeks.

Sugar dirty sweet feed is allowed!

Gradually dairy food is replaced by ordinary food. And eat sugar posses, contrary to their name, not only fruits. For normal life, they need proteins that they get, hunting insects. If the food is not enough, included in a state close to the lethargic sleep, which can be up to 23 hours a day.

For the pretty appearance of flying animals, they often go as domestic lovers in Australia, Canada, USA, and more recently in European countries and Russia. Moreover, with other pets, they are usually getting lazy – friends with rats, indulgent to rabbits, and from dogs and cats often make "horses", climbing them on the backs. True, hoping for a favorite society stands, as in nature, closer to the night.

When sugar posses will wake up, he will give it to know it. So the animal attracts attention. He publishes other sounds, depending on the mood, wishes or needs. For example, the Cocan means discontent, hiss – bad well-being, whistle – fear, crying – sadness, trill – calm, and digging – joy. (Read also our article "Caught kittens: Nhau!". Here we wrote, why the same sounds of the surrounding world in different languages ​​are reflected in different ways, and in this article an expert explained, if each other animals understand one species from different countries.)

However, if you want to start the sweet tooth at home, to study his time language enough. If in the wild, sugar posses live about nine years, then in captivity – 12 or more.

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