SUDUROY ISLAND (Suduroy Island)

Suduuroy Island – One of the islands of the southern part of the Faroe Archipelago. Island Area – 163.7 km². In 2004, the population of the island was 5041 people.

Sundura is the most southern island on the Farara, and it is this position in this part of the country, partly explains its uniqueness, not only geographically but also from the point of view of language and culture. Residents of the subdue emotional, open and hospitable.

The nature of the island of multifaceted, landscapes are great. All the west coast is occupied by rocks and rocks in populated birds. Also on the west coast there are two narrow cable – patch and Wagur, – the beauty of these places fascinates: fjords and mountain peaks are open to solar heat.

SUDUROY ISLAND (Suduroy Island)

There are several villages on the island. In the village of Hov is the only place on the Farrah, where one of the leaders of the Vikings and the first settlers on the Fararahs is buried. Having visited this place, immediately becomes clear why it was here he decided to settle, the village is located in the heart of the island on the plain and from here there is a panoramic view of the sea, which allowed to control what happened outside the island, far away in the sea.

In each village you can find something unique and amazing: in Frodbe there are unusual column-like basalt formations, in the sandwich there is a large, beautiful secluded beach, in the intercourse – an old wooden church.

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