There are no direct flights from Russia to Sudan. You can fly with a transfer in Egypt, Turkey and Evraphai countries.

Vaccinations: Recommended vaccinations against yellow fever, cholera, typhus, tetanus and meningitis, as well as prevention against malaria.

How comfortable move on Sudan?

Road traffic: car rental: Taxi: Taxi services can be used in large cities: Khartoum, Omburman, Port Sudan, Carare, Gadaref, Vad Medani.

Buses: hitch-hiking: Airports: Khartoum International Airport – Capital Sudan International Airport

Airlines: Air West Company – Sudan’s domestic airlines and international charter flights;
Mid Airlines – domestic airlines in Sudan;
Sudan Airways – National Airline Countries.

Railway: Railway in Sudan was built another 100 years ago.
Main directions:
Hartum – Atbara – Wadi Half and back.
Hartum – Atbara – High – Port Sudan and back.
Er Rahad – Babanussa.

Ports: Ports and harbor — Juba, Bones, Malacal, Numule, Nyala, Port Sudan

Where better to stop, traveling on Sudan?

Top hotels in Sudan

Sudan Rest in Sudan, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tour Profection Travel Guide

Climate in Sudan

For the south of Sudan, a tropical climate is characterized, for the north – hot deserted. The average monthly temperature in the south +23°..+thirty°C, in the north – +30°..+35°WITH. In the south, up to 1400 mm of precipitation per year, in the north – less than 200 mm. In Sudan there are dust storms – hobub.


National cuisine Sudan

The colonial past of Sudan enriched the national cuisine of the country by French, English and Italian culinary traditions. Favorite dishes of local residents – lamb and chicken. As a side dish, rice is most often. In a huge amount on the table there are vegetables, both fresh and prepared in various ways, as well as fruits. The most popular drinks in Sudan – a variety of teas and coffee.

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