Sucking – Reserve in the desert Namib

Sosusvilei (sossusvlei) This is the Kingdom of Sand and Dry Lakes. In this place of water, the river TSAUCHAD drown in anticipation of the rainy season. The name of this area happened from two words: Sossus, which means "water collection place", and VLEI – a shallow lake filled with water in the rainy season. After seasonal shower, water in these small lakes is saved for several months, and then evaporates.

Hide from the scorching sun in Sucking You can in the shadow of thick thickets of camel spines, which are found here quite often.

There are wondrous plants that can not be surprised. One of them Nara Melon – Looks like a barr. Once a year, the fruit with grapefruit ripen. They are eating many birds, hyenas, jackals, mice, dickery and even people.

In heart Concens Located Dead lake (The Dead Vlei). Skeletons of trees sticking around the lake, have 800 year history. So long to persist trees helps dry air of the desert – there is not enough moisture for decomposition.

Sucking - Reserve in the desert Namib

In the south of the Dead Lake is located "Crazy dune" (Crazy Dune), she has the highest slope (220 meters). The temperature of the sand in these areas on a nice sunny day can reach 75’S.

Two kilometers south of specially equipped parking hid one more – secret – lake (The Hidden Vlei). The road to it runs along the clay depression. Throughout the path, the color of the dunes changes depending on the location of the Sun on the horizon. Here and there one can see the traces of antelope. This is one of the most secluded places on the planet, where you can enjoy the impressive beauty of the desert.

Sand dunes – One of the mains Sostorivs Soskiev – Approximately 90% of them consist of quartz sand. Some of them are noticeable space with sand darker red-black shades. Interestingly, the sands appeared here thanks to the eastern winds, which brought them here from the central part of the eastern Namibia. Some grades are covered with iron oxide, which gives them a characteristic red color. In some parts, there are two-color red-yellow dunes.

Sucking - Reserve in the desert Namib

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