Such different cats

A few years ago, lovely cats captured the Internet, becoming a trend in social networks. But our pets have many unusual wild relatives. Also in your own lovely.

Feline originated from Miacids – small animals that existed about 40 million years ago. Similar to the cunits of animals lived on the trees. But the descendants of Miacids are far away from their ancestors. And many are not even very similar to each other. For example, cheetahs can not pull the claws, so the temples of them are bad. Lions and tigers also prefer to be closer to Earth, but if there is a lacquer prey at the top, they can make an exception.

Evolution decided to play with feline size. The length of the body is a fidest-red (or "rusty") cats – only 35 cm with weight 1 kg. And the growth of a ligra (hybrid of lion and tigrites) reaches 4 m! One of the leagues by the name of Hercules in 2006 got into the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest "cat". It weighs more than 4 centners.

Such different cats

Ligras, by the way, are not found in nature. But there you can meet other rare types of feline. For example, about charming sand cats with fur on paw pads or smoky leopards who know how to purr, many have not even heard. And some rigorous already irretrievably disappeared. So in the 60s of the last century, the Turan Tiger. He was distinguished from his fellow bright red color. About extinct in the 20th century cat and other animals read here.

"My Planet" invites you to admire those who are used to walk by itself.

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