Such a strange love

How to make a proposal like a girl? Everything is simple: you need to arrange a fire, to dance in front of the lover, endure from her beatings, began to put it on her buttock my own arrow of love and make a passion to smoke a cigar. "My Planet" talks about the traditions of the matchmaker at different points of the globe.

Fire in Indonesia

The young men from the Toraji tribe living on the Islands of the Sunda Archipelago to get a bride, arrange a risky staging. Dark nights, they make their way to the house of their chosen and tied up with flexible Lian. Go out on the street without an assistance inhabitants of the hut can no longer. Then the groom’s friends imitate fire. To do this, burn in the village. Many bonfires, scream loudly and crush rattles. The girl’s family awakened by noise, rushes to the door and trying to get out. Then the savior – the groom appears. He opens the door, grabs a girl in his arms and rushes her away. Such simulation of salvation is enough for young people officially considered the bride and groom. But the grief of that young man, whom parents cares for trying to block the dwelling. Then the griege is driven by forever.

Military dance in Polynesia

To get a bride, inhabitants of Samoa in Polynesia need to be excellent dancers. Woven there usually during holidays that traditionally pass with songs and dances. The young man in a complete combat dance dances in front of a group of girls, among whom and his beloved, military dance, sings the songs that his brothers and friends sing. During singing, he calls the name of his chosen. In response, the girl begins to resist. The young man is trying to introduce it to the dance circle, and she hits him, pulls the hair and rests in every way. True, more for sight. The more young man dance gestures swear in love, the favorable it becomes. Already the next evening, young people can meet alone and are considered the bride and groom. If the parents of the girl against marriage, then young run from the house for a couple of weeks. True, the older is usually departed. As a result, parents send the daughters a white mat as a sign of blessing and their consent to marriage.

Kink in China

In the subway, very strong traditions of sharing gifts, which are talking about the feelings and desires of the Chinese better than any words. About when, to whom and what thing to give, young people know from childhood. In the southeastern part of China, is still one of the most important gifts. The young man sends it to its chosen as a sign of proposal of hands and hearts. Strong and tradition of response gifts – The girl sends homemade shoes with a young man related to his own. But this subject is only a sign of courtesy. Consent or refusal must be noted by another gift. If the girl wants to say "yes,", it adds a bunch of bananas to shoes. "No" symbolize the feathers of a green bow.

Such a strange love

Arrows of love in Namibia

Bushmen South Africa, living mainly in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, there is a pretty spicy tradition of matchmaking. Young people make the so-called "arrows of love", which are pointed bones, blurred by an anesthetic composition. As soon as young Bushman decides to marry, he is blown up this arrow into the buttock of his chosen, and without the help of Luke. The girls of this people are distinguished by large forms, but still not always the grooms fall into the goal. If the young man misses or the boom bounces away from the body of the beloved, then the loser is exposed to laughter and claim the heart of the girl he will no longer be able.

Cigars in New Guinea

In New Guinea woven very quickly and clearly. When Papuas decides to marry, he twists a thick cigar, putting a strand of his hair between the leaves of tobacco. But smokes it only to half, and then transfers his mother. She, in turn, carries a cigar of the future daughter-in-law. If the girl takes her and smokes to the end, it means that the offer is accepted. If rejects, then you need to look for a new bride.

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