Success suitcases

Most of the travelers are conservative: they just fold things, bending them into rectangles and squares, and stacks in a suitcase in the same way as in the ordinary cabinet. At the same time, folds are formed on clothes – it is inevitable to iron.

Cunning: If the suitcase is large enough, shirts, jackets, blouses, skirts can not bend, appropriate them for the whole length. Volumetric and enhancing things better folded the cross on each other, then wrap the floors – so you will avail excess folds. To save space socks should shove in shoes. Belts should not be folded, it is better to put them around the perimeter of a suitcase. The suitcase with two branches is more convenient than with one: in the first compartment you will fold clothes, in the second – everything else, including shoes, cosmetics, small things.


This method in English is called Bundle Wrapping – Packaging Node. For us, it is not new: after all, our ancestors were worn in the nodes, when there were no backpacks and suitcases. Collect "nodules" can be directly in the bag (it should have zipper from three sides), but more convenient for the sofa or on the floor. Technology: folding the clothes with a cross on each other – first the jackets, jackets, the most implanted things, then pants and everything that things are less, then do the core from the rolled underwear, socks, pajamas, swimsuits, and then wrap on the core of the casual skirts, dresses and bottom of the pants. Ready knot can be moved to a backpack or bag. The method has advantages: it is faster than folding things separately, clothes are less. Minus one: things are hard to get. So this method is not suitable for frequent moves, and also if you do not disassemble the suitcase, but use it as a wardrobe.

Cunning: You can make several knots with clothes, sorting it by type: shorts, T-shirts, sweaters and t. NS. The method is suitable for large backpacks and trips: you can decompose things in a tent with neat nodes.

Roll in rolls

Success suitcases

Supporters of this method claim that things almost do not impair. You can turn out clothes in long rolls across the entire width or making compact mini-convolutions, pre-folding t-shirts twice in times: such "rolls" are easy to squeeze between shoes, cosmetic and other objects. Clotted clothes ranked little in sausages, and it is easy to find it in a suitcase. Minus is that stratification of things will take a long time.

Cunning: twisted things are conveniently sorted by packages, preferably transparent so that you understand where and what lies. Special containers for packing baggage of different sizes are sold, they fit into a suitcase like cubes in Tetris. And you can not even disassemble things, but "live from a suitcase".

Of course, it is not necessary to follow one method: they can and need to combine – it all depends on the type of clothing and features of the bag. Profi traveler who mastered all the ways of packaging baggage, can stuff a large number of things in a short period of time in the closest backpack.

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