Suburbs Stockholm

In the suburbs there is a residence of the Swedish royal family – the famous Palace Drochnyngholm (XVII B.) with a magnificent park, chinese pavilion (1753 g.) and the Drochninholm court theater (1766.), in which every summer are opera and ballet performances and concerts in the original scenery of XVIII in.

60 km west of Stockholm lies the most ancient royal residence of the country – Castle GripSholm (XIV B.) whose interiors are considered among the most luxurious in Europe. In the Swedish National Portrait Gallery (1822 g.), located in the castle, put portraits of the most prominent figures of Swedish history.

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From St. Petersburg to Moscow. in Baltic. Stockholm: walking in the center

In Stockholm "Princess Anastasia" It costs 10 hours that for cruise concepts for quite a long time, and allows you to more or less to see everything scheduled. Read more →

Katerina Andreeva | Summer 2016


Stockholm met us quite worthy weather, although the forecast promised rains. It’s good that there was no bus, and caught a dexterous guide, we rolled on the subway, in which I really wanted to get to read more →

Suburbs Stockholm

Astafiev | summer 2013

Sea Walk in Stockholm

It does not feel at all the tense rhythm of life even on weekdays, and it is in her largest city! The feeling of calm and confidence in people give rise to a pleasant atmosphere read more →

Travelodessa | April 2011

Stockholm Sting Larsson

I was interested to independently go to the places of the main heroes of the trilogy. For fans of the city museum holds paid excursions with a detailed description, so choose yourself read more →

Suburbs Stockholm

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