Subscription and widget: the best prices are now always in sight

Every day we work to make it easier for you to search and buy tickets. And there is a success! On our website and in the appendix there are new features that will help to be aware of prices for flights. Especially fit those who are planning a trip and catches cheap flight options. All the details below.

Subscription for prices

When you are looking for flights on our site, and the price does not suit, click on the right at the top of "watching the price". Now you are signed on this direction, and as soon as the price changes – we will send you an email email.

Widget in the app

But there are comrades who do not have time to enter the site, and the letter in the mail can not be elementary. In this case, the function is also available in the appendix, but with an additional opportunity to put the widget.

What is a widget? Many on the smartphone probably broadcast the weather. Here, this is a widget – a widget of the application that keeps track of the weather in the cities you have chosen. We did something similar, but with the broadcast of the direction and prices.

How to add widget?

Subscription and widget Best Prices are now always in sight

To monitor the price of a specific direction, make this: go to the list of available widgets in your smartphone and find the "Customer". Add a widget to the main screen.

Then note that during the search for a ticket to the appendix at the bottom there will be a plate "Follow the price". Click it to subscribe to the direction. You can follow the price change for several directions. All of them are displayed in the Personal Account in the "Subscription for Prices". So, half step on the way to the widget Made.

In the section "Subscription for the prices" next to each tracked direction stands the ceremonic heart. Click, and it will become red (In an iOS application – orange). Now the marked direction will be displayed in the widget on the screen of your smartphone. Comfortable? So we think so.

Important : Widget will not be able to show all your subscriptions, but only those that are marked with a red heart. Despite this, you will receive the Fluff about changing the price in all directions to which signed.

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