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Stylized wedding – it is an opportunity to combine the ceremony and trip to the most beautiful corners of the world – the countries of the Old and the New World, the Caribbean, Latin America, Australia, Oceania and many other regions. The event may be held on a variety of scenarios.

Pirate wedding

With the right approach to the organization of such a wedding is sure to leave newlyweds and guests of the ceremony of the brightest and most positive impressions. Island states ideal for holding a pirate wedding. A symbolic wedding ceremony in Dominican Republic will look very beautiful, on the ocean. It is also pertinent to the wedding ceremony in the Maldives and the Seychelles, with great success, you can play a pirate wedding in Mauritius. Special romance will be painted a wedding trip to French Polynesia, full exotic will be a wedding tour of the Philippines. The nature of the corners that are talking about – splashing waves, a vast water surface, sandy beaches and palm trees – reminds of flibusers, sea battles and treasure chests.

When choosing a fit for the groom you can stay on a black suit with a fitted jacket or a sleeper, a snow-white shirt with a jaba and naked shoes, not forgetting about the hat. The bride will look great in a bright flowing dress. Appearance guests must be appropriately: men can use bright shirt, the "sea" caps, bandanas, wide fabric belt. The choice of outfits and for women – from copies of male pirate costumes to dresses with a thematic bias.

With a special responsibility, come to the choice of stylized elements of the decoration of the wedding. Imagine that the case happens on a pirate ship, and purchase rods, cheerful roger boxes, candles, mainland cards, bright lanterns, mockups of vintage pistols. This list, of course, is not exhaustive.

Gothic wedding

You always liked the majestic, gloomy locks, dark dungeons, organ music and traditions of the Middle Ages? A good solution in your case will be a gothic wedding. Choosing a place to hold it, consider European countries. So, the registration of marriage in the Czech Republic may be very relevant. Ancient castles of Prague and other cities, cathedrals arches, the dark walls of medieval architecture monuments – are all here breathes history, it helps to create the right atmosphere and sets the newlyweds and guests a special way. Another successful option – Wedding Tour in United Kingdom, famous his numerous medieval castles.

In the wedding dresses, black, brown and red colors should be dominant, should not be completely eliminated and white. On the bridegroom it will be appropriate to look a black fracture and massive boots, in the outfit of the bride should combine shocking luxury and sexuality – get such a combination will allow black lace, corsets, wide sleeves, extravagant dresses.

Accessories used to decorate the Gothic Wedding must match the style and spirit of the ceremony. Use black roses in the bouquet of the bride, dark fans, figurines of bats, candles, swords.

European wedding

Those who would like the wedding ceremony to walk out as it looks like in romantic Hollywood films, may be interested in the European Wedding Scenario. The choice of countries in which it can be implemented with success, extensive. So you can play Wedding in Switzerland, Bright impressions can leave the wedding ceremony in Austria and other countries of the old world.

European wedding is carried out in the format of a secular round. Guests of the celebration, as a rule, are caught, communicating among themselves and freely forming the interest groups. A lightweight buffet is organized, at the same time it is set at least two wedding tables. One table can be served with light snacks, on the second put alcoholic beverages. In summer days, a European wedding is usually carried out outdoors.

Retro wedding

You intend to surprise the guests of the wedding ceremony of the atmosphere of the long-lasting years? Stop your choice on retro wedding scripts. Choosing a country that would come to such a wedding, pay attention to the island of freedom – Cuba. Construction of the times of Spanish colonialists, many old American and Soviet cars on the streets, the lifestyle of Cubans, as if non-fulfillment of the time of time, is what makes the conclusion ceremony Marriage in Cuba in retro style truly unforgettable.

In order to dive into the past, the most fully and realistic, in a single retro style should be withstanding everything – the clothes of the newlyweds and their guests, wedding scenery. Clothes – for example, a vintage suit for the groom and the original sexy dress in the style of 60s for the bride – you can buy or rent. This is true and in relation to objects that will decorate the wedding, from a retro car to gramophone and vinyl records.

Wedding Italian mafia

Another way to make the birth of your family extremely spectacular and unforgettable is the organization of the wedding in the style of Italian mafia. The question of where to go for such a ceremony does not arise: Of course, in Sunny Italy, the country called Motherland Mafia!

Stylized wedding abroad - Punta Cana,

The outfit of the groom during marriage in Italy should symbolize wealth and ease. Ideal will be a snow-white shirt with an unbuttoned top button and a classic costume, as well as dark glasses, a massive gold chain and spectacular cufflinks. The bride is desirable to stop the choice on a luxurious dress, classic boat shoes on high heel and exquisite underwear, without forgetting about expensive ornaments and garters.

Pay proper attention to the decoration of the marriage ceremony in Italy. Wedding tuple must match the selected style – ideally all the cars should be black, and snow-white roses will be suitable for their decoration. In the banquet hall, refined china, crystal, table silver, live flowers will look.

Antique Wedding

From school years admired antique civilization? Architecture, philosophy, the art of ancient Greece seems to you samples of perfection? Antique Wedding – Here you need. The answer to the question of which country to hold such a wedding ceremony, is obvious – of course, in Greece, the cradles of European civilization and culture. Hot Sun and Sea, Light White Tunic Guests, Original Summer Dress Bride, Solemn Chiton Groom – All this will be a wonderful wedding entourage in Greece. Do not forget about accessories – gold wreaths, diadem, bracelets on ankles and wrists, leather sandals.

Forming a color gamut, in which outfits and scenery will be withstands, pay special attention to the objects of azure, blue, golden, yellow, blue colors. They will resemble the sea, sun and sand, ancient Greek architecture and olive groves, creating the desired atmosphere.

Cabaret Wedding

Another original script – Cabaret style wedding. What a cabaret here is more than a century already one of the most famous worldwide? Right, Parisian Moulin Rouge. So, do not lose time – go for unforgettable Wedding ceremony to France.

The clothes of newlyweds and outfits must fit the style of Paris Cabaret. An ideal solution for the groom will be a fracture, complemented by a butterfly tie. On the guests, men will appropriate snow-white shirts, pants with suspenders, tuxedo. In the dresses, the ladies are welcome lush dresses with ruffles, hats with ostrich feathers, long boa.

Romance of Paris should be felt literally in everything. ****************** Hall reproductions of French paintings and garlands, at the entrance to the room Place the "Cabaret" sign. Invitations for guests to place in the form of stylized programs. Instead of a total long table, which is accustomed to our compatriots, install separate tables for which guests will be searched. These details will help you create the right atmosphere and make a wedding truly unforgettable.

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