Stuttgart, A small city with a population is a little more than 600 thousand inhabitants, is the capital of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The city is located in the south of the country, on both sides of the river. Today it is an important industrial, cultural and shopping center of Germany. The feature of the city in its contradictions, because, despite his size, it is a powerful engine of the country’s economy. Therefore, it is often important «The biggest small town of Germany».

In Stuttgart, the highest standard of living and well-being in the country. Being founded in the 10th century, the city throughout the story was considered an indispensable shopping center. Important in the development of the city was played by industrialization that occurred at the turn of the 18-19th century.

Stuttgart, Germany Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Stuttgart Travel Guide

Soon the most important automotive plants with a capital letter appear: «Porshe» and «Daimler». After that, Stuttgart quickly failed fame «Cradle automotors». And such brands like «Alcatel» and «Bosch» Only strengthened the economic situation of the city. The city is famous for Mercedes headquarters. In numerous museums of the city, amazingly valuable collections of art works are represented. Both in the city and in its surroundings there is a huge number of locks. Today you can organize a tour.

Among other things, Stuttgart is considered the largest city in Germany. There are many gardens, well-groomed parks, vineyards. Here you can find everything, ranging from historical places, ending with noisy nightlife and shopping.

Stuttgart, Germany Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Stuttgart Travel Guide

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