Study in Holland: why here, what to see and how to work out a student

Usually wanting to get a top education in English and spend years of study, it is interesting and informative, consider the United Kingdom or the United States, but Holland in many positions, including opportunities to ride in Europe, much more preferable ..

Study in Holland: Why here, what to see

Future students choosing training abroad, often do not consider this country at all due to the fact that the official language is Netherlands. However, few people know that in 2002 there was a coup in the system of higher educational institutions of the country and the Netherlands became the first not an English-speaking country that had passed on European standards with active promotion of training in English. In addition, about 85-90% of the country’s inhabitants are in greater or less English.

Today, after almost 20 years since the change in higher education, the percentage of foreign students in the Netherlands is almost 15%, and accredited programs for different specialties in English more than 2100. our students studying on them, not so much, in comparison, for example, with a more traditional United Kingdom for us.

Among the indisputable benefits of learning:

  • The ratio of price-quality in local universities is the best in the world;
  • For foreigners, at least half-day training on exchange in another European country is organized almost everywhere, followed by an internship and an excellent chance to "light up" from a foreign employer;
  • Foreign students are given a place in campus, life in which is significantly cheaper than in ordinary city housing;
  • In all universities there are contests for grants, winning which can be covered up to 70% of the spending.

Netherlands call "goal to Europe" – from here Easy to get to Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and many other European countries. This is an important factor attracting lovers to travel, aligning your passion over the years at the University or College.

Study in Holland Why here, what to see and how to work out a student

Pandemic made huge adjustments to such opportunities, however, preferential rides on the EU for students studying in Europe should soon resume.

Earlier, from Amsterdam there was a huge number of flights, including budget, in many countries of the world. By the way, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Airport Schiphol) is a literally a separate city with many possibilities. Holland itself is also a great travel space – you can drive out of the end to the end by train for 3 hours, which is very available at the price of a student.

Life and study in the Netherlands

Many students in the course of study work in order not to depend on parents and have their money on entertainment. Now it is easier to earn freelance in order not to depend on pandemic restrictions. Transfers, web design, coursework to order, and among course, especially appreciated in English using rare materials that cannot be obtained in our libraries.

Any remote job is suitable, without binding to time, and if you’re lucky, the university will provide work to students in their laboratories and research projects, which also gives reason to establish itself in the process of studying.

5 of the most famous higher educational institutions in Holland:

University of Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) – enters the top 100 world (58th place).

University of Twente (University of Twente) – one of the best research universities in Europe with a high percentage of employment.

DELFT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY – the largest technical university.

Leiden University (Leiden University) – the oldest educational institution founded in 1575.

Rotterdam University of Erasmus (Erasmus University Rotterdam) – enters the top 100 world (69th place).

Study in Holland Why here, what to see and how to work out a student

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