Strunjan stretched along the sea coast in a calm and cozy corner of the Stringan Bay on the territory of a huge fleet with coniferous and olive trees, 124 km from Ljubljana and 4 km from the Portoroz. This is an ideal place to combine recreation and programs aimed at preventing and rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases.

In the summer you can swim in a warm sea (beaches — Large pebble and concrete) or outdoor pool, in winter – in closed «Olympic» Pool with sea water (temperature +32°C), a small children’s pool or three massage pools. The hotel complex also has Turkish, Finnish and infrared saunas, solarium and bio-bar.

Fans of sports and recreation will be interested in five tennis courts (two – backlit), basketball courts, beach volleyball, table tennis, mini golf, bicycle rental.

The resort is very minor fluctuations in temperature, 90 clear days and 2300 of the solar clock per year, a small amount of precipitation.

The main "drugs" of the resort: a unique microclimate (salt bay and local air circulation increase the number of aerosols in the air), sea water and marine healing dirt. The resort is treated with respiratory tract, neurological and skin diseases.

Medical procedures: Hydrotherapy (baths in warm sea water, herbal and pearl baths, individual and group hydrogging), underwater massage, manual massage, mudtoherapy (compresses from purified and warmed up to +40..+45 ° C sea dirt), herbal compresses, electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, respiratory therapy (special gymnastics, aerosol therapy, vibration or manual chest massage), Chinese traditional medicine: acupuncture, auriculotherapy.

Entertainment – Lift to the mountain lipic, excursions to the equestrian plant, to post-by-town and shkotian caves, as well as excursions to Venice.


Diseases that are treated at this resort.

Diseases of the respiratory tract:
bronchial asthma;
chronic obstructive bronchitis;
lung emphysema;
consequences of breast and lung operations;
Chronic inflammation of salivary gland and upper respiratory tract.

Diseases and damage to the motor apparatus:
rheumatic diseases;
post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system;
neurological and skin diseases.

Contraindications – oncological diseases, diseases in the stage of "sharp" inflammatory processes, pregnancy occurring with complications.

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