Structure Richat – Mysterious Sugara Eye

Today I want to talk about the mysterious creation of nature, which still keeps the secret of its origin.

Structure Richat – Mysterious Sugara Eye

On the territory of Mauritania (Africa) is an amazing education for beauty, which is called as "Oko Sahara" Or structure Richat is a flat surface with a diameter of more than 50 km and having an ideal circle.

"Oko Sahara" or structure Richat "Oko Sahara" Or Structure Richat, Africa

Sugara Oco is an oldest genealogical artifact, which is located right in the midst of the desert Maur Adrar, to the southwest of the Sahara. This place has become known only after the start of human space flights, as it is possible to consider the Sugara OKO only from space, often astronauts used it as a landmark.

"Oko Sahara" Or structure Richat, Mauritania "Oko Sahara", Africa Structure Richat, Africa

Many scientists and geologists are trying to understand how this miracle was formed. The versions that it is a crater from a fallen meteorite, but then the center of the circle cannot be flat, there were also versions of the alien creating this object.

"Oko Sahara", Mauritania

But the most realistic explanation today has become the version that the erosion of the volcanic dome occurred, which over time expanded, pushing the rocks, which led to today’s form.

Structure Richat, Mauritania

Structure Richat - Mysterious Sugara Eye

So far, scientists argue about the origin of this object, the locals already fully use it in their own mercenary purposes to love tourists here. Today, chaolars are located in the very center of the structure of the structure, they are not particularly famous for their improvement and comfort, but it is located in the Sacral Center "Oka Sakhara", Here you can ride on SUVs or arrange a whole area safari.

Mysterious Sugara Eyes Mysterious Oko Sahara, Africa Mysterious Oco Sahara, Mauritania Mysterious Sugara Eye in Africa

Many travel agencies have made a structure richat on the list of attractions that can be free to visit, so if you want to see this miracle of nature in a less priority form, then you should hurry!

Structure Richat in Africa

If you do not have time to fly into space and enjoy the eye of the Sahara in all its glory, then Google MEPS will correct this annoying misunderstanding =)

OKO SAKHARY, photo from satellite OKO Sahara, photo from satellite 2 Eye sugar, photo from satellite 3 OCO Sahara, photo from satellite 4 OCO Sahara, photo from satellite 5

Structure Richat - Mysterious Sugara Eye

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