Strombol volcano. Nature Italy

On this Italian island there are just over 500 people who voluntarily abandoned electric lighting – the evening twilight seems to them romantic. In local hotels on the windows do not hang curtains, and the entire population is regularly evacuated to neighboring Sicily. Stromboli – Volcano, located on the island of the same name – does not allow to miss, spewing with different strength of about four times an hour.

"Works" it is already about three thousand years – and everything without a break. This is the longest firework on Earth. The height of emissions reaches an average of 150 meters, but there are records – two, and then three kilometers. In this case, the whole island is subject to bombardment of rocks of rock. But not only the danger he carries people. Man has long learned to interpret the behavior of the volcano. Local fishermen say: "The volcano us like a father, he instructs us on the right path, protects from strong winds. Clubs of his smoke – like Fluger.

The correct cone is a height of 924 meters – that’s what appears before the eyes of a man who first saw Stromboli in all his glory. If this happened at night, and even during the eruption, then you will immediately understand why the volcano is also called antiquity "Middle-Indoor Lighthouse". Lava emissions produce an indelible impression, and evaporation of water, when a hot rock gets to her, deserved the pen of Dante himself. The strongest eruption in the whole history, which led to human victims, occurred in 1930. In 2002, the volcano again made itself felt by the stormy activity, as a result of which "Sciara Di Fuoco" appeared on the western part of the island – "Fire Scar", a huge trail in the shape of a horseshoe, length to the sea.

Look at the Mediterranean Lighthouse Best from April to mid-June. The excursions themselves are held around five in the evening, when it starts to darken – then the stromboli can be seen in all the magnificence. Get to the island It is possible on the ferry or on a tourist ship coming from Naples. Another option is from Sicilian Milazcio with a final stop in the port of Stromomboli Parese. Arrivals, the hotel can not be ordered – the risk to empty your wallet is great enough. But without a guide can not do – otherwise they will not miss. However, many believe that such a order of things is not at all due to increased care for the precious life of tourists. Just work to local residents especially now, and visitors bring a significant part of their income. In the 30 euros, which you pay, not only the excursion itself, but also special uniforms – even if the foot of 30 degrees of heat, then at an altitude of 1000 meters much less. Some 2 hours of wandering in dotmakes – and you are already upstairs.

Strombol volcano. Nature Italy

Stromoboli – also the kind of closed pizza or focacci, The main ingredient of which is Mozarella. Before sending to the oven, the dough is puzzled – by analogy with the vulcan jerle. Cheese is erupted, Stromboli managed to fame – everyone is happy and satisfied.

"Lit up" volcano in the film Rossellini "Stromboli, Land of God" And the Julia itself is true in the "Travel to the Center of the Earth". It is through Stromboli that the main characters of this novel returned to the surface of the planet.

Strombol volcano. Nature Italy

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