Stroganin – Delicates for gourmet

Traditions give rise to the emergence of national dishes, and one of them is Stroganin. Now Yakut Stroganin is served in restaurants like North Delicates, but for locals is a source of calories, which also allows you to survive the cold.

When the temperature is constantly holding the temperature of -30 ° C and below, woolen socks and a cup of hot tea are not always saved. Peoples living in extremely cold conditions, noticed that fooling the body and warm up can help … Eating frozen fish or meat. And since they have long been manufactured by hunting and fishing, such food has become familiar.

For the tourist, Stroganin is an exotic capable of diversifying any journey. Where to try Siberian specialists – look at our gastronomic map .

What is Stroganin?

Stroganin – fresh frozen fish or venison sliced ​​with a thin chips. This is one of the main dishes of northern peoples, including Yakuts, Eskimos, Komi.

Believe that the stringent is any frozen fish, not quite right. According to the rules, "live" is needed, not deceased in networks. After feeding it, it is necessary to hit the head very much about the ice and leave in the cold for 15-20 minutes. After that, slightly smash, straighten and put in the freezer.

How long will it have to keep it there, depends on the temperature inside:

  • at -16 ° C – 36 hours;
  • at -12 ° C – three days;
  • at -8 ° C – seven days;
  • at -4 ° C – ten days.

Only after this raw fish is considered safe and can be prepared.

How to cook strikanin?

Rogannu from fish is easy to do at home. It is better to take Nelma, Muksun, Chira, Northern Omul and other representatives of the Sigov family, but can use salmon or carp.

First, raw fish are well frozen. Then a sharp knife is cut off the skin with scales and head, finish fins and cut with thin slices fillets. The main thing is to do everything quickly so that the fish does not have time to melted, as it can not be frozen it. Therefore, the table is served in small portions.

The best is the stroganic from Muksun or from Nelma.


Fish is a source of protein, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins A, D, groups B and many other beneficial substances. These trace elements contribute to the growth and restoration of tissues, strengthen the bones and immunity, regulate blood cholesterol levels, which plays an important role in the prevention of heart disease.

There are many fish fat in it, which fills the lack of vegetable fats among the inhabitants of the North. Uneme-3 unsaturated fatty acids strengthen cardiovascular and nervous systems, help to cope with depression, slow down the decline in mental abilities in older people.

In the fresh fish useful for a person with vitamins and micro, macroelements are greater than in fried, stewed or boiled, since the heat treatment makers are destroyed. Doctor of Medical Sciences Vadim Krivoshapkin believes that it is protein-lipid food that the residents of the North helps to survive at low temperatures, including the consumption of raw fish. It has in its composition carbohydrates with a very low glycemic index, due to which a person remains for a long time and does not suffer from obesity.

Harm and contraindications

Stroganin - Delicates for gourmet

However, not everything is so unambiguous. In 2020, employees of the University of East England proved that the benefits of fish are overvalued, and sometimes the unsaturated fatty acids of Omega-3 contained in it are capable of harmful. After analyzing the results of the studies conducted earlier, scientists found out that out of 1,000 people who used these acids additionally, died of only three people less from heart disease. Moreover, it turned out that these substances almost do not affect the risk of cancer and can even increase prostate cancer.

But the problem is different. Candidate of Medical Sciences and nutritionist Ekaterina Burlyaev emphasizes that the human body is not adapted to the use of raw food. The digestive system is more difficult to split such a product, and the amino acids are digested worse. And they are necessary for the normal functioning of the body: strengthen immunity, contribute to the growth and restoration of tissues, help better absorb micro- and macroelements, vitamins.

Moreover, strikanin can lead to a number of diseases. According to Svetlana Sheveleva, the head of the biosafety laboratory and the analysis of the federal funding center of nutrition and biotechnology, raw fish is often infected with alive larvae of parasites. If you do not free the product from them by deep frost, the risk of obtaining a parasitic infection, in which the digestive system is strongly suffering.

Therefore, people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the strikanin is better not. It is also worth refrain from its use of pregnant women, children and everyone who is inclined to allergies.


Universal recipe for macalow cooking (mixture in which you need to surpage slices of american fish): Stir salt with ground black pepper in proportions 1: 1. However, variations are possible.

Salmon Stroganin

Ingredients: Salmon Fillet, Vegetable Oil, Ground Black Pepper, Soy Sauce, Orange, Dill, Salt.

Sauce: Mix Pepper, Salt, Soy Sauce and Oil. Add finely chopped dill and zest orange. Blend blender.

Strogannina from trout

Ingredients: trout fillets, vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of dill seeds, lemon, salt.

Sauce: Mix Olive Oil with Half Lemon Juice and Square Stroganin Mix. Sprinkle slices of fish salt and dill seeds.

Strogannina from Gorbushi

Ingredients: Pinkishi Fillet, Soy Sauce, Lemon.

Sauce: lemon juice mix with soy sauce.

Stroganin of salmon

Ingredients: Fillet Salmon, Ground Black Pepper, Onions, Vegetable Oil, Salt.

Stroganin - Delicates for gourmet

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