Strin and Loen

Strin &# 8212; The main tourist center in the area of ​​Nur Fjord glaciers. This little town is picturesquely spread on the hilly coast of Fjord, in the winter performs the function of the ski resort, and in the summer serves as a kind of goal to the most beautiful places in the region &# 8212; Just a few minutes drive from the city, the three sleeves of the handsome-glacier of Yostyedal, the water of which fill the glacial lakes, giving it a completely beautiful turquoise color.

Just a 15-minute drive from the city, on the road to one of the lakes is the village of Loen, a peculiar adventure center of the region. It is not easy to admire the glaciers and lakes. Cycling, kayaking, climbing, trekking in the mountains, walks on blue ice, siping over fjord &# 8212; All these joys are available to those who are looking for adventures on Norwegian fjords.

Do not miss in Strin

  • Rent a bike and explore the beauty of Laen Valley. Make a couple of stops along the glacial lake Lovatnet, to admire the chic species and explore the old abandoned farm on the fjord. Go very close to the Cyandal glacier, which fills the lake lifting and feel the cold breath of the icy handsome.
  • Admire the beauty lifts on the part of the water by taking a kayak or a boat in one of the Kemp sites located on the lake.
  • Highlight the day on the trip to the Bricksdal glacier (Briksdal) and Charming Lake Olden.
  • Ride on skis! Even in the summer)
  • Follow the blue ice accompanied by experienced guides
  • Climb on the hanging road to the top of the Hoven Mountain (Hoven), which opens a chic view of the fjord and ride on New Zip Laena.
  • Try yourself to endurance, rising high in the mountains, to the picturesque top of the Mount Skola (Skåla) or overcoming the legendary climbing route Via Ferrata Loen.
  • Treat yourself a cup of hot coffee and delicious homemade pastries in one of the cozy Stroy Cafes.

Loen Valley and Cyandal Glacier

Loen Valley is called the Valley of the surrounding lake Lovatnet (LovatNet). From the village of Loen to the entrance to Jostedal National Park (JostedalSbreen) to the Kjenndal glacier (Kjenndalsbreen, the sleeve of the Jostedal Glacier) was laid a 16-kilometer asphalt road leading along the lake. Canopy road, perfectly suitable for cycling. On the way you can stop stopping to go closer to water and / or admire local beauties. Of interest &# 8212; Old abandoned farm, which is very photogenically located on the opposite side of the road.

In the Kjenndalstov cafe, located in the place where the lake ends and mountains begin, you can eat with waffles or fried fish) to the glacier leads a pedestrian trail in the mountains. People here are usually smaller than the most popular Brixdal glacier. You can go to the glacier yourself so close to feel his breath. Observe caution than closer to the glacier, that is an unstable rock and more likelihood of collaps.

To get to the Cyandal Glacier through the valley of Loen, you can either by car, or by rented in the tour office of Loen (Loen Active) bike.


Lovattet &# 8212; Lake Cold and Magic Atmospheric. Special pleasure here &# 8212; go closer to the evening on the lake on a kayak or boat or even try to give. You can rent kayaks and boats in a camping Sande Camping located on the shores of the lake. Here you can rent fishing gear. Boats and kayaks are leased both hourly and daily. Current prices and conditions Specify on site.

Suspended road Loen

Open recently (in 2017) Loen’s suspension road with the eloquent name Loen Skylift (lifting to the sky), became one of the most interesting architectural projects of Norway. In just 5 minutes, the suspension cable road raises you to the top of the Hoven Mountain (Hoven), from where pedestrian trails are laid and ski descents. Ticket price 520 NOK (back-trip), day passes are also offered for skiers in the winter season.

Not far from the suspension road on top of the mountain, a unique zip-line was held, which opens in the summer of 2018.

Via Ferrat

Via Ferrata Loen (Iron Trail) &# 8212; Unique climbing trail, laid by rocky mountain slopes to the top of the Hoven Mountain. In essence, the trail is a steel cable to which rock climbers will be attached, rising to the top. Experienced climbers with their equipment, of course, can pass the path themselves. Newcomers definitely need guide. Even those who have never tried themselves in climbing, but are in good physical shape, they will be able to overcome this route. The route also has a long suspension bridge and zip-line (optional). Scroll of acute sensations on the suspension road. Total route duration &# 8212; about 5-6 hours.

Tours start from the office Loen Active, buy tours with a shuttle can also be in Strin, Olden and Hielay. Cost of about 1400 NOK, including rental of equipment and tickets to the suspension road.

Glacier Brixdal

Glacier Brixdal &# 8212; Another glacier in the Strin region, which is worth visiting if you have an overall day. Walk through the mountains and waterfalls to the glacier will take 40-50 minutes, alternative &# 8212; Trip on the so-called, Troll-car, seven-local pickup, which for 200 Norwegian crowns will be delivered lazy tourists straight to the lifting on the glacier.

From May to November to the Brixdal glacier from Strin, a tourist bus that also makes the stop in Loen. The bus leaves from Strin in the morning and returns in the area 3 in the afternoon, giving the opportunity to travelers to go to the glacier. The cost of Strin is about 100 NOK, from Laen &# 8212; About 80 NOK, tickets can be bought in the tourist office of Strin or at the reception of any of the hotels in the city.

If you are traveling the car, align a trip to the glacier with a visit to the Nordfjord Museum, located in the town of Sandane 50 km from Olden and / or Viking Center Sagastad in the town of Nordfordets. Such a circular trip will take all day, plan accordingly. Details Look at the Nur Fjord page.

Mount Skola

In order to get to the top of the Skola mountain (Skåla), towering over Loen will need about 4 hours, the whole tracking, along with the return, will take about 6-8 hours, so select the adventure full day and reserve water and warm clothing. The height of the mountain is 1800 meters above sea level, you can conquer it only in the summer season (June &# 8212; September). High complexity level &# 8212; Middle, pass the route will not be much difficult, as almost the entire route &# 8212; It is literally a path. Final part of the route &# 8212; Mounted in 2009 Rocky trail with steps from stones. On the top of the mountain &# 8212; Long narrow plateau with a stone tower built at the end of the 19th century and an incredible view of the fjord and a glacier Jostedal.

Start route &# 8212; Approximately 2 km from Loen (see the map). To Laena from Strin can be reached by local bus (about 15 minutes).

Strin and Loen

Summer Ski Center Strin

If you always dreamed of ride on a snow-covered mountain in one T-shirt, then Summer Ski Center Strin &# 8212; then the very place) Although, of course, it is not a fact that even in mid-July in this region will be so warm to pull off the warm fleece. Strin Ski Center is located in the hotel area of ​​the old mountain road Strin, in the area of ​​the Tystigbreen Glacier, 45 kilometers from the city of Strin.

Walking on blue ice

Screen &# 8212; One of the best directions for walking on blue ice. Tours are organized by local Tystigbreen tour operators (Tystigbreen), located near the summer ski center of Strin, approximately 40 km from the city. The duration is about 4-5 hours, including the rise in the mountains on the lift, the tracking to the glacier and, appropriate, the very walking ice, which lasts a couple of hours. Walking on the ice is held with all possible precautionary measures &# 8212; The group goes in a bundle, on the legs of each &# 171; Cats&# 187;, in the company of an experienced conductor. Culmination &# 8212; Lunch and rest on the glacier, surrounded by eternal (I want to hope) ice.

Tours offer almost all local hotels, as well as tour offices Strin and Laen. Cost approximately 1000 NOK. If you decide on this event, take warm clothes, trekking shoes, sunglasses, gloves, water and lunch.

Orientation in Strin and Laen

Strin &# 8212; By local standards, the city is quite large, although it can be watched with a maximum of one hour. Its main life is focused along the main road leading to the embankment &# 8212; Local shops, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and bowling are located here. The bus station is located next to the fjord, on the road from the central part of the city, five minutes from the central part of the city and the largest in the city of Stryn Hotel, located on the way to Loen. Slightly north of the central part of the city on the hills are residential neighborhoods of the city, here you can also watch options for budget housing.

Immediately behind the central part of the city, the road splits into two parts &# 8212; One (main route) leads along the fjord in the direction of the coast, the second, as it were, goes a fjord from the mainland in the village of Loen. Unlike Strin, Loen &# 8212; A completely tiny village, the entire infrastructure of which is located within the radius of the 1st kilometer. There are two large hotels in the village, one of which is picturesquely located on the shores of Lake (Loen Hotel), and the second is a whole hotel complex with swimming pools and Spa (Hotel Alexandra). But unlike the same Strina, there are practically no cafe-restaurant stores in Loen, the choice is limited by hotel restaurants. But here, of course, very beautiful and very calm.

The office of the main local tour operator in which you can rent bicycles and buy tours on Via Firatt is located in the center of the village near the Loen Hotel Hotel. Lifting road is located along the road Strin &# 8212; Loen, 10 minutes walk from Loen.

From Loen Road also splits &# 8212; One part leads further along Nur-Ford in the direction of the village of Olden, the second &# 8212; further deep into the mainland along the glacial lake lifts.

Along the road Strin-Loen-Olden on the shore of Fjord, there are several pretty hotel and summer houses that can boast amazing species.

Where to choose accommodation

As in any other city / village on fjords, the choice of housing is reduced to the solution to live expensive and comfortable or ascetic, but cheap)

Housing formats

In Strin and Laen there are 3 large hotels &# 8212; One of which is located in Strin &# 8212; Stryn Hotel in Strin and 2 in Loen &# 8212; Loen Hotel and Hotel Alexandra. All three hotels are located in excellent places, offer excellent rooms and stand at the same time. The biggest of three &# 8212; Hotel Alexandra, Large complex with swimming pool and spa.

In Strin, you can also find very good options for small hotels &# 8212; B&B with simpler rooms, but good location and beautiful breakfast. In addition, the format of apartments and summer houses is popular in Strin. For example, in the vicinity of the city or along the fjord, you can find very good options for houses by 6-12 people. Many houses also give up on the shore of the fjord along the road Loen-Olden. The apartments are offered mainly in the urban traic of Strin.

From budgetary formats &# 8212; Camping, in which you can rent a different comfort and prices of houses or become a tent. And in Strin and in Loen there are campgrounds located within the city. The best campsite in the region is undoubtedly Sande Camping, because of his completely elegant location on the lake lifts. The second perfect camping option &# 8212; Oldevatn Camping on Oldevatnet Lake 16 km from Loen.

Strin or Loen?

Choosing between Strin and Loen Weigh factors such as the convenience of Strin from the point of view of cash infrastructure and the exceptions and the atmosphericness of Loen in terms of nature and proximity to the main attractions of the region.

We would recommend when choosing to repel from travel format. If you are in the region for 1-2 days, traveling by public transport, see accommodation in the city of Strin. If you want to spend a long comfortable vacation or weekend, but travel public transport &# 8212; One of Loen hotels will be excellent option.

If you are on the car &# 8212; Leave from the city) See options of houses and campgrounds along the fjord and lakes. In this option to search for hotels it is convenient to use the card.

Map Strin and Laen

Our choice in Strin

Stryn Kaffebar & Vertshus &# 8212; Very nice guest house in the central part of Strin. Mainly dignity &# 8212; Local coffee shop in which breakfasts are covered) &# 8212; simple but quite comfortable and clean.

Our choice in Loen

Sande Camping &# 8212; Beautifully located on the shore of the lake lifters camping, with pretty good infrastructure. In addition to places for houses on wheels and tents, very good cottages surrendered in camping. Camping also offers boats and kayaks.

Strin and Loen

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