Stright Island

The island deserves attention not only because It is located the capital of the Faroe Islands, but also as a mountainous exotic area. A large number of natural historical memos and small colorful villages are located on the sublime northern part of the main island of the Faroe Archipelago.

In a small village called Kviving, Located in the central part of the island, you can visit a fairly well-preserved Viking Epoch Farm. Fans of exotic Welcome to the village called Lenar. The village is located among the amazing beauty of the landscape, on the shore of the artificially created lake. Local residents from generation to generation filled the lake caught salmon, fearing hunger.

Active pastime lovers will come to the soul of the vertex, the set of six hundred pressure rocks will be pulled by many caves In the circumference of Westmanna. The highlight of the campaign will be a fussy bird flocks, gradually transferring the attention of holidaymakers on constantly covered by the clouds of the Island of Mikines and Vogho, located on the other side of the Westmannasunsky Strait.

The historical memo island is City of Kirkyubyu. In the Middle Ages, the Episcopal Center was submerged and at the present time he has the kind of impressive ruins. Breathtaking and the most striking here Cathedral Mangusa. The building has begun at the beginning of the thirteenth century, but due to the brutal ways to collect Dani, the local bishop has not been completed. Not far from the walls of the cathedral Church of St. Olaf. Her walls were erected in 1111 in honor of the King, which made the Christian Code of Norway in the tenth century.

The temple for several centuries served as a religious center of all Faroe Archipelago. The initial appearance of the church lost as a result of several reconstructions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. FATFY SOME WIGDED AND FAMILY Church of St. Brendan. At the moment, a small pile of stones and wreckage of walls remained from it. Sad fate expected her at the next attack from the sea.

Stright Island

With a unique history on the island is a local attraction – Ryukstofan – House to which more than 900 years. The house was built for building materials, harvested from the ocean. Ship carrying materials sank and the entire load virtually intact was delivered warm Gulf Stream directly to the shore of the island. For 18 generations in this house reside members of the same genus.

During the summer, visitors curious tourists home opens its doors as a museum. Twelve kilometers from Kirkyubo are small village Soradalur. Villagers offer visitors excursions with panoramic views of the ocean and the islands Koltur.

Valivig village is famous all over the island the black church – the oldest wooden structure on the islands, standing alone and if crowning the valley Saksun. Village flaunts colorful houses and tidal lake Pollur perfectly well equipped for fishing.

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