Streyma Island (Streymoy Island)

Streyma (Streymoy Island) – The largest of the Faroe Islands, on which the capital is located – Torskhavn. The island has an oblong shape and stretches for 47 km from northwest to southeast. Its width – 10 km.

21 thousand lives on the island. man (about 40% of the population Farer), most of whom live in the capital (19 thousand. human).

Straight is characterized by a hilly terrain (especially its northwestern part), the highest point – Mount Kopsenni (789 m). Main vegetation – grass, trees.

As well as on the other Faroe Islands, there are many short streams and small lakes on the island.

On the southwestern tip of the island are 2 fjord.

At the southernmost point of the island, the medieval Culture and Religion Center – Kirkumber, Where the ancient estate of the bishop has been preserved (the medieval structure of wood), the old parish stone church (the oldest in the Faroe Islands), Ruins of the Cathedral of St. Magnus.

Streyma Island (Streymoy Island)

On the west coast of the island is famous Bird Rock 600 m height, where rare species of birds live, and the cave near Westmann. In the Strait near the bridge connecting two islands with stretch and esture, 50 kilometers from Torskhavna, located unique to Farer Farm farm, Created in 1999. Here you can get acquainted with how the halotus lives in vivo and how difficult it is to grow in artificial.

All settlements of the island are interconnected by road with solid coating.

Streyma is connected by regular ferry message with Oslands Sandura and Sundura.

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