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Montenegro – a country that is famous not only by natural beauty and monuments of ancient architecture. Cities here are located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and mountain ranges of puncts, commen, visitor and durumator. Compounds of crystal pure oxygen and iodized air of the Adriatic have a positive effect on health. Therapeutic phytoncides allocated by local forests will also strengthen the immune system, will help keep the youth and beauty of the skin, hair, nails. For reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts, Montenegro is a country that opens a lot of opportunities to tourists!

The climate of Montenegro as a fairy tale for the body

Montenegro is located in a climatic belt, where it is always warm. Air and water temperature is supported at the optimal level for more than 8 months a year. No stuffy air and heavy for atmospheric pressure cores. Here are beautiful landscapes, amazing for its qualities Flora and Pure Water. In this country, you can not only rest, but also find many organizations capable of correcting your health. Arrow Hotels and Resorts tourists come back from the trip full strength and energy.

Clean air Montenegro

In this country, special attention is paid to air purity. There are practically no enterprises clogging around the environment. But there are numerous coniferous forests separating oxygen. Together with a mountain crystal, literally inspired by the arrays, they favorably affect the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Growing here and healing herbs that will thoroughly restore sleep, run the mechanism of updating cells in the body.

And the iodine contained in the sea air will allow you to restore the endocrine and immune system. Doctors of the whole world advise to go to Montenegro, if you have health problems.

Strengthening immunity together with Natural Resources Montenegro

Hydoxyterapia – a procedure that is carried out when using mountain air. It is aimed at the complex cleansing of the body from slags, harmful toxins, from trace elements that violate the internal balance. This procedure is prescribed by people with excess weight, with mental health instability, with poor immunity. A few days spent in Montenegro, allow you to strengthen the walls of the vessels and the immune system. You will return from the country healthy and will be protected from colds for the whole year.

We will take care of your health and water procedures. Adriatic will contribute to the beginning of the hardening. Daily visits to the sea will affect the immunity. Specialists Arrow Hotels and Resorts advise: stick to a healthy lifestyle, enjoy the gifts of Montenegro and you will feel better.

Slimming in Montenegro – Reality!

This amazing country will offer each tourist and a set of excursions, including the rise in the mountains, swimming in the open sea, fishing and cycling tours. Every day, plunging into the natural beauty of Montenegro, you will feel ease. Coupled with a fruit diet, with daily consumption of marine gifts, with a special kitchen rest will allow you to lose weight a few kilograms and return from the tour updated and beautiful.

Strengthen health and extend youth in Montenegro with Arrow Hotels and Resorts - Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro is a country of healthy nutrition

By the way, about diet and nutrition. Arrow Hotels and Resorts tourists often note that in Montenegro, local cooks prepare seafood in special way. They manage to maintain the maximum benefit of fish, lobsters and shrimp, and also emphasize the soft taste of their meat. You get not just exquisite, but a healthy dish that will benefit you.

There are fresh seafood here inexpensively, so they must be enjoyed while traveling.

Mental and spiritual health

Many tourists go to Montenegro to relax and physically, and morally. The presence of monasteries, amazing natural landscapes, the beacherness of the sea, the ancient monuments and many places where it is worth going – this is your chance to restore spiritual equilibrium, feel the inner harmony, to regain calm.

Montenegro is the country where people come back to the updated and a little happier than those before rest. This is confirmed by tourist reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts and numerous independent research!

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