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Logically correct to begin a campaign on the streets of Buenos Aires borhesovskogo from the place where the writer was born – on the street Tucuman, between the streets Suipacha and Esmeralda. It is in the heart of the city, but now there – nothing: so stand up, become sad.

"More clearly – Borges writes, – I remember the house in Palermo on Serrano Street. It was one of the few on our street, two-storey houses. Others were one-story and lying around the wasteland. In front of a palm tree, mentioned more than once in verse". Now called the Calle Serrano, Jorge Luis Borges, and the Palermo area has become very respectable, with fine Italian restaurants, which in Buenos Aires to compete with Bologna and Milan.

Recent years the writer lived on the street MaipĂș, near San Martin Square. There is also a memorial plaque. Such boards appeared in the city only on the centenary of the birth of Borges in 1999 – until 13 years after his death, the country seems wondered whether to render homage to his fellow countryman, one of the greatest writers of the century.

Across from the house – bookstore Libreria de la Ciudad: it is now, there is a table at which sat Borges. Already blind, he often worked there – dictated. It was convenient not worried phone calls at home. In the shop he used to sit by the window, so that passers-by called out: "Hi, Borges, my name is Edoardo". Always looking up from work, he replied politely: "Hi, Edoardo, I Borges" and join in the conversation. Refined urbane intellectual, he was a true aristocrat was democratic. I talked to all gently, patiently, and even intimate – whether it be a waiter or taxi driver, picking their words and expressions as readily as that of Oscar Wilde. It constantly stopped in the street, shook his hand. He is fooling his friends, saying that hires these people: "Take a closer look, it’s the same person, just run around the block and back fit".

World Glory Borges is based on philosophical essay stories. This is understandable: Ideas translate easier than images. What is up to Russia, the translations of Borges appeared on time: in 1984, when the virtuoso philosophizing of the writer who fascinating the labyrinths of non-existent Babylonian libraries, as if they gave the legitimacy to the fruitless our clerk, indirectly justified the beautiful and disjuvenated kitchenware.

Somehow, on the side of his stories about the element of Pamppa and Gaucho, his urban stories. But they are different, perhaps, the most genuine Borges. That is why you need to walk along the streets of Jorge Luis Borheses.

Streets Borges

He perfectly knew English, German, French. But I was proud to speak freely owned by Buenos Aires Lunfardo dialect. On him and explicitly, walking on his beloved street Florida. Now she has become very commercial that Borges may not like, although in his taste: noisy and pedestrian. Slept, he did not like streets with transport.

He owns an amazing expression "Gift blindness". Borges said that, after the land, in a different way, it feels time: it is not filled with something every second, every nonsense.

The optional communication of nonsense did not consider it, arguing that after writing the best – to walk and chat with friends. He stayed late for a chatter in a cafe: from those that exist now, the most pleasant and tasty place – cafe "Tortoni" on Avenida de Mayo. It is still one hundred years old on this place, and from recently there you can always meet with Borges: his wax figure is forever seated at the table.

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