Street San Miguel

In the center of Torremolinos passes Pedestrian Street San Miguel. The small slope of the streets on the sides of the embankment makes her a pleasant place for evening walks and a kind of center of evening life of the city. Most souvenir shops and shops are located here, as well as cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea. At the weekend in the summer on San Miguel Street, a spontaneous city market is organized, where you can buy completely unexpected things and even products.

San Miguel Street is famous for its wine cellars. Here it is presented, probably a full range of local sweet wines, to which a traditional tapas is submitted for a snack – Light snacks consisting of bread, olives and light salads. Each bar on San Miguel Street is proud of its own brand recipe for its own tapas. In the tradition of the Spaniards, visit several bars per night and in each order on a glass of wine. The history of the emergence of this wonderful tradition goes back to the king of Alfonso XIII, which, according to legend, did somehow order of wine in one Cadiz restaurants. Strong wind raised dust clubs, and the resourified waiter covered the glass of a sliced ​​of Hamon. The king so liked the idea that the custom knew very quickly.

Street San Miguel Attractions Torremolinos Travel Guide

Once a year, San Miguel Street becomes the center of religious life. Farius of San Miguel, which is one of the most important religious holidays of Andalusia, passes through this street. Spaniards in national costumes take part in one of the brightest festive processes, which moves to the Church of San Miguel, and then, after carrying out the icon, the main streets of Torremolinos are bypass.

Street San Miguel Attractions Torremolinos Travel Guide

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