STREET-FOOD in Greek Regulations

The first thing that comes to mind is the word fast food, these are fat Americans, peaceful devouring big-poppy somewhere on the ranch in Oklahoma. However, street food appeared much earlier than the culture of food, competently bloated by the US press and after some time with European countries.

When the inhabitants of the ancient Eldlage cut down that on lively crossroads, you can fry fish and immediately sell it passersby, the Indians still lived in America. So, the Greeks presented the world not only by philosophy, theater and democracy, but also to snack on the go.

So the transparent shop windows with freshly baked buns, cakes, political bright syrup and cakes with an unknown filling. Taverns, cafes, pastry, eaters are harmoniously embedded in the space of narrow Greek streets. Mimically, it is difficult to pass even asket, and for bold street food tastors is a real find.

I am sure that the welcoming owners of such shops seduce with their culinary delights not one hundred passersby per day. So my smell of fresh baking has repeatedly brought into such institutions:

&# 8211; Yasu (hi), advise something true Greek.

A content seller stretches hot puff:

&# 8211; This is our national dish, "Spoon".

I anticipating the tricky in the folds of the test Tomato sauce with mushrooms or at the thin end of hot chocolate, but no, welcomes me spinach, however, is also pretty tasty. It seems there was an egg and some special cheese.

For the purposes of the experiment, I decide to burn back in a couple of eaters for tasting local appearance. I do not look at the shop windows, I just ask you to recommend a dish that follows the local flavor. And in thessaloniki, and in Athens and in Corfu, invariably offer "spunoopy", which suggests: a cunning spinach simply pursues me!

So it can not continue, and I go to search for meat. It is not necessary to look for a long time: small shops with appetizing meat dishes are quite common in all less than large cities. The choice is made in favor of lamb slices, strung on a thin wand. Averse to lemon. It looks like a kebab, only here it is called "Suvlaki", which is literally translated as a "spanchka".

Greeks hanging pork, lamb, beef and chicken. And at the request of the buyer, the dish can cook right in his eyes. While the fire brought to readiness a portion of happiness for the stomach. I try and immediately decide to replace the recipe. Unfortunately, the cook turned out to be a strong nutrition and said only that I used olive oil and lemon juice. The title of the season is not to reveal did not wish.

Sometimes meat pieces wrapped into a flour cake or pancake along with tomato, mushrooms and cheese. "Gyros" &# 8211; so dubbed this dish locals. Before making "Giro", the seller will surely ask what filling you wish. Ingredients are in small metal containers exhibited directly on the showcase. Question price 3 to 7 euros, so order and enjoy!

Gastronomic excursion in Greece would not be full without numerous pies from a gentle puff pastry with filling for every taste. Bakery-coffee house format here is very common and warm puff with fragrant Fredo cappuccino or phrapa is the best option for a midday snack.

STREET-FOOD in Greek Regulations

It was half acend, because tightly breakfast from the Greeks is not accepted. Usually everything is limited to a cup of strong coffee and "crouch" &# 8211; The famous bagel with sesame, which caused the conclusion between Greek and Turkish culinary culins, which still can not solve to whose kitchen it belongs. Well, it’s good that at least not because of the territory argues. Street vendors in these reset are not delivered and offered by the people passing by the people of 0.50 euros.

Just not allowed to write about street food and do not touch the theme of desserts. Thanks to its small weaknesses, the Greeks have gained the glory of avid smokers and large sweets.

The hunters to the sweet know where you can take the soul and this is not a supermarket at all. The most delicious biscuits, souffle and chocolate candies in "Zaharoplastio" -Nemol family confectionery. If you are in a hurry, it is better to bypass such shops by side. I used to see so many goodies collected in one place. Eyes run away and in confusion you can breathe there are broken half an hour.

Something still happened to try, therefore I have a hurry to share my impressions. Lovers of chocolate cakes probably love "Turhat". This is something average between the Pahlava and Biscuit Cookie. The dish is impregnated with sweet syrup and decorates grated chocolate, fresh fruits and whipped cream. You can buy as a whole cake that will cost about 15-20 euros per kilogram and a separate piece.

The first sweetness that I happened here to try was "Cadaifakia". These are nuts with honey, clutched in thin hairs. For a long time I thought that these were special pasta impregnated with sugar syrup. In fact, a special "hairy" Kadaif dough is used for cooking.

Special delicacy here is considered "Sokolakya", candied fruits covered with chocolate. Usually fold them slide and put on the most prominent place. Excellent taste and acceptable price, for 1 euro you can buy 2-3 pieces, a pledge of increased demand for such fruit chocolates.

Despite the fact that the Greeks no longer pose their lives without fast food, it does not cause strong harm to health. Street food vendors try to make their products not only delicious, but also useful. And soon the Government of Greece plans to introduce an additional sale tax for food with high sugar and fat content.

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