Street Food in different countries of the world

Street-Food is a great way to quickly eat abroad, and still allows you to plunge into the national food culture.

Italy, in addition to the magnificent ice cream, is known for cone-shaped converters with fried seafood. They are called "Peshe Fritto Al Cono" and most often consist of shrimp, squid and small fish.

Cone-shaped envelopes with fried seafood

Bulgarians love baking, and the popular national puff pastry "Banitsa", with a variety of fillings you can try in any fast food cafe. Traditional stuffing is cheese or cottage cheese.

Chevapchichi have become quite famous with us, and in Croatia and many other countries of the Balkan Peninsula – this is a national Street Food. Traditionally, sausages were prepared from chopped meat, with the addition of spices and greens, now most cooks use meat grinder.

In Japan, the most popular fast food is octopus, filled with liquid dough and fried on a special frying pan with hemispherical recesses. It is called a takoyaki dish and served with mayonnaise and a sauce that resembles Worcester, only a little more thick.

In the Philippines a wide variety of street food, usually these vegetables, fruits or seafood roasted and strung on a skewer. One of these dishes is kopk-kopk, which is boiled quail eggs, roasted in a crispy bright orange-colored.

Czech accepter – these are national buns from a dough, which are covered with cinnamon, crushed nuts and other confectionery spripes.

Street Food in different countries of the world

Roasted herring (Stekt Str̦mming) РThe most famous among tourists and favorite dish of the residents of Sweden.

Grilled herring (Stekt Strömming)

Casserole (Zapiekanka) is a classic of Polish Street Food, which is an open sandwich on a baguette with mushrooms, melted cheese and meat.

Mititia is traditional Romanian sausages. From our usual fried sausages, they differ in bright taste, due to the addition of spices. And the soda and cream in the composition make them more lush and juicy.

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