Strasbourg – the capital of the United Europe

486 kilometers from Paris (by motorway), on the border of France with Germany, on the River Ille, Rhine Rhine and Rhine Marna canals – the city of Strasbourg. Distance from the administrative capital of the French Department Nizhny Raine to Bonna – 359 km. Luxembourg – 219 km. Four kilometers is the German Keel city (Kehl).

The population of the city is 250 thousand people, of which three quarters speak Alsatian language (German dialect).

Strasbourg – the second on the value of the port of France. In the suburb of Zntzheim (12 km from Strasbourg) is an international airport.

Excursion to history

Translated into our this name means – "Strengthening on the road". The city arose at the site of Celtic settlements. Then the Romans erected the legionnaire camp here.

In 925, Strasbourg became part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. From the XIV century Strasbourg – "Free city of empire".

In 1648, on the Westphalian peace treaty, which completed the thirty-year war, is attached to France.

In the course of the Franco-German war in 1870, Germany was returned to Germany, and in 1918 he again departed to France.

In 1949, when it was decided to establish the Council of Europe, at the proposal of the United Kingdom Foreign Minister, Strasbourg – as a symbol of peace in Europe – was chosen by the location of the main institutions of the European Community. Monthly in Strasbourg meets the European Parliament. Four times a year are the sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (the organization in which in 1995 should take Russia).

In the fall in the city, the International Trade Fair is held.


The historic center of Strasbourg is located on the island formed by the River Ille and Channels. In the architecture of the city prevails Gothic.

The center is the highest church in Europe, which dominates the city and its surroundings (spire height of 142 meters). For 10 francs, you can climb the roof of the Notre Dame, from where the wonderful view of the web of the narrow streets of the historic center. 6 chosets and fortress towers in the area rises above the red roofs of medieval houses in the area "Little France", which is a kind of visiting city card.

You can enjoy the beauty of Strasbourg, having taking a tour on a walking boat, which in 1 hour 15 minutes, bypassing two gateways, will be heated by the historic center of the city. Excursions are accompanied by comments in French, German and English. They are held in the afternoon and evening, the cost of a trip 38 francs.

In the second half of the 20th century, a complex of buildings of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the Palace of Europe were erected in the city. The latter was built for five years (opened in 1977) on the contributions of the Council of Europe member states.

In the central part of the Palace of Europe, the hall of the parliamentary sessions is surrounded by a winter garden. The roof of the hall covered with copper, rests on large arches from mahogany.

Cultural life

Strasbourg – Large Franco-German Cultural and University Center. Strasbourg University founded in the XVII century.

There are many theaters in the city, including Opera, National, Alsatian Young Spectators who offer 6-12 performances every day (ticket costs from 30 to 80 francs).

Numerous concert halls, art galleries, exhibitions, museums (historical, archaeological, Alsace, zoological, etc.), Planetarium, botanical garden diverse your intelligent leisure. Cost of tickets on average 15 francs. The most famous museum of the city – "EVR Notre Dame" (Alsace Sculpture and Painting of Middle Ages).

In the city often perform on tour "stars" First quantity. For example, solo concerts took place this summer "U2" and "Pink Floyd".

Restaurants of Alsatian and exotic kitchens, beer, wine cellar, nightclubs, cabaret and Dances will not let you get bored at night. Keep in mind that the cheapest beer is from 6 francs 300 grams, and baking feeding no less than 15 francs. Portion of Pizza will cost you at least 40 francs. If you want to impress. Take a bottle of Alsatian Riesling yield 1992. for 1200 frankov. If not and you are not a professional tastor, then you can save well.

In the city of only one casino, which is 30 minutes from the city to Paris.

Going Shopping

Strasbourg - the capital of the United Europe

You can make purchases in three large shopping centers in the vicinity of the city: "Auchan" (Clothing, Sporting Goods), "Nora" (Goods for children, jewelry, equipment, clothing), "Mamut" (among other things, a large selection of shoes). Sale are often held in these shopping centers, which is reported in the post-mail advertising booklets. Most of the products offered are made in the third world countries, but differ in quality, as made for France and "under France".

In the center of the city there is a number of large stores. V "Printame" Good selection of women’s linen and French cosmetics, prices for which lower than in the duty-free shop of French cosmetics Paris airport "Charles de Gaulle".

In the opposite store "C&A" connoisseurs will be able to find a complete set of american indian clothing or cowboy, ranging from moccasin and ending with a headdress. Keep in mind that prices for these things such that cheaper to buy a good tuxedo.

Where to stay

Stand in the city Cheaper and most convenient in the hotel at the our consulate, located opposite the Palace of Europe at the intersection of the Alley Robertso and the street Bergman. Single Room with Color TV, Bathroom, Kitchen, Equipped with a fridge and microwave, will cost you about 300 francs per day.

If you travel the group, there is an opportunity to agree on 3-time nutrition (in francs per person).

The consulate has a gym and sauna.

In the spring of 1994, Zhirinovsky, which brightened it was stopped at the consulate "House of Kolkhoznika". The television picture, where he, because of the fence of the consulate, the land was thrown in Strasburztsev, went around the whole world.

For half an hour, walking along the Embankment Illya you will get from the consulate to the city center.

You can travel around the city by bus: ticket. which must be processed, sold by the driver (7 francs for 1 hour of travel).

You can get from Paris to Strasbourg by train (400 francs, about three hours of the road), airport plane "Orly" Airline flight "Aer Inter" (the most expensive ticket 790 francs). If you prefer to go by car. Know that autobahn all over a paid. Considering this and the cost of gasoline, one cheaper to travel by plane.

If necessary, information about all events expected in the city during the current month, you can learn from the monthly in French "Strasbourg Actualites".

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