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mishajp New Year is the beginning of the Japanese magical sense – a man is freed from all the failures and sins. Process helps blows huge bells heralding midnight, in all the churches of the country. Since, according to the teachings of the Buddha, a human 108 carnal desires, bells ring slowly, at intervals, 108 times in order to be purified from each of them. Recent days before the New Year are traditionally filled with feverish bustle. Home Headache – New Year’s postcards: "Congratulations on the onset of the new year. Thanks for all you did for me in the outgoing year. I count on further favor in the coming ". Congratulations on the occasion of the new year should be sent in advance of the huge number of friends, acquaintances and business partners. If someone recently died, the family should notify about it. Death notifications are sent in advance, but not too early, otherwise people will have time to forget about it by the time when they sit down to write postcards. Then awkwardness will be aggravated.

alex-zheleznyak At Naxos, we spent two nights and one day – and got straight at Easter. Greek Easter was not just beautiful, but very loud. By a strange tradition from the moment of midnight, the Greeks begin to throw off the explosives. They explode under the legs of the elderly Greckers with candles in their hands, but no one leads. Only tourists shaghaty. Greeks as if checking each other’s courage, arranging pyrotechnic show. In the evening our man Dan, digging on the internet, I found out that last year at Easter in Greece killed four people ..

Barthulina The fact that the our considered the most drinking nation, it is a stereotype – I realized when I saw how much they drink and in the country of morning freshness, but far from the grief, and often out of a sense of duty … In South Korea, there is a special culture of drinking alcohol, and even in the public consciousness of the nation alcohol occupies a special place.

In a conversation with the Koreans, it will be inevitably faced with the question: "Do you drink alcohol well?", Which means interest in the level of your resistance. I always confused me this question, because it is not clear how to answer him. Say: "Yes, I drink well!"- in my understanding it sounds strange, to say that bad, – and immediately see how the interests will swell on the faces. Therefore, I usually answer with a question or mychu something absurd in response, but the source, as a rule, do not let up, and with enthusiasm in his voice and glowing eyes says: "In Ukraine, the cold, so people drink vodka, then you also drink vodka! Blimey! And what do you drink and not get drunk?"In general, if you want to make a good impression on the interlocutor, boldly answer that you do not just drink vodka, but do it with pleasure and at the same time stated that no matter how much you may drink – do not get drunk. Your caller will automatically start to respect you.

Oriental man should not show that he was good to his companion did not feel uncomfortable, so the best tactic worthy of the wisdom of Confucius, is the tactic of perpetual complaints with endless repetitions of the phrase "and, himdyro" ( "how hard") and "stress mani padasso "(" I have received a lot of stress ")

But as the drink still Koreans, let’s not forget about the main national virtues – hard and organization, correspondingly, they drink too hard, and organized, the whole team, because the team spirit in Korea – a very important component of culture and identity.

Strange tradition

But all would not be so bad, if drinking Koreans drank somewhere in the sidelines. But in reality, things work quite differently. Koreans call this phenomenon "society imposes alcohol". Drinkers Koreans, which the vast majority, not only the drink, but be sure to offer, if not highly recommended to drink the entire staff. There is the concept of "il cha" (first call), "and cha" (the second round, in another place, and possibly in other companies), "he cha" (the third), etc. D. In one night, the company can change a bunch of places, and mix any types of alcohol. The principle is that people do not drink for the mood a little bit, but just a lot, as much as possible. Some Koreans admit that not that much love to drink, more drink, because you have to – it is necessary to maintain the company, it is necessary to communicate, it is necessary to relieve stress. The normal picture is to see it on Friday evening, and sometimes even in the middle of the working week a solidly dressed office worker or quite decently dressed a student who got drunk and sleep, lying on the asphalt, putting his head on a bush, border, step.

Eastern person should not show that he is good for his interlocutor to feel uncomfortable, so the best tactics worthy of wisdom confusion is the tactics of eternal complaints with endless repetitions of phrases "A, Himdiro" ("How hard") and "Stress Mani Padasso "(" I got a lot of stress "). And this directly leads us to the answer to the question why to drink Korea – it’s good and encouraged by the whole team. If you drink a lot, then you live hard and work as damned, speaking in popular language, you get a lot of stress (which in principle is an objective truth for Korean society), it means you’re a good, hardworking person.

RomaPetrov Recently, being in the city of Sabadell, I saw a very strange picture. In the very center of the city on one of the pedestrian streets stood a very strange guy. It was a pink wig and a red skirt, he faded a strange song and played a toy children’s guitar. At first I thought it was just a cheerful beggar. I threw him a couple of coins and stayed to listen to this strange song. Opposite him stood a cheerful company of dodded guys and to tears lit up with laughter. After a couple of minutes, they explained to me that he was not a street beggar at all, but a future husband. It turns out that they hold the pre-wedding bachelor party! Friend friends come up with a sophisticated mockery for him and have a whole day, looking at how the groom performs it. Very strange, but at the same time a cheerful tradition.

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