Strange sculptures of Erwin Vurma

The Austrian artist, photographer, director and sculptor Erwin Wurm (Erwin Wurm) in Russia is not known very much, but even at first glance at the photos of his works is clear – he has a very unusual approach to creativity.

Erwin was born in 1954 in the town of Bruck an der Mur, Austria. He studied in Graz, Salzburg and Vienna, where he studied art, sculpture and crafts. During his eventful life was the curator of more than a hundred exhibitions, including 2 times exhibited in Moscow (2008 and 2013.). He currently lives and works in Vienna and New York.

In the work of the sculptor a lot of unusual – it inflated at home and bent machine, and strange human figures.

In many of his works can be traced criticism on modern consumer society. A striking example of this is its "bloated fat ‘cars and homes, as well as the person has swallowed the globe.

Strange sculptures of Erwin Vurma

All glory and international fame came to Erwin Wurm in the 90s of the last century, after the establishment of the original series of "one-minute sculptures» ( «One Minute Sculpture»). In this series, the human body becomes a part of the sculpture, the distinction between it and Performance erased.

These his one-minute sculptures exist in real life, a short period of time, entering at the same time in the most unexpected relationship with everyday objects. It is better to see their photos, my personal attitude to his work is ambiguous, so difficult for me that any comments here:

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