Strange pets – 3

Exotic crocodiles and chameleons, frogs and squirrels are blocked in front of the new tet. Conventional chickens in the USA occupy an honorable place in apartments. In general, fashion for the content of this bird in American cities began after the 2008 crisis. Municipalities one after another issued special permits. In Michigan, the family was allowed to keep up to four chickens, in Montana – six, in New York and Los Angeles – an unlimited number (lawyers then dug up a document of a hundred years ago, according to which hen is a pet, the number of which is not subject to regulation).

By natural economy, by the way, and previously did not disappear or ordinary mortals nor the officials of the White House. Until the 1950s, gardens were equipped near his walls and rabbits and sheep. An example of returning to the roots after the crisis was submitted by Michel Obama, having equipped the beds in front of the White House and even placing an apiary. But in the apartments of chickens they have not yet kept – the birds have a habit to be practiced up to 12 times a day.

Conducting the problem of uncleanness and characteristic odor-characteristic smell helped the birds-birds some Julia Baker, who founded the Pampered Poultry company for the sale of chicken diapers. The innovation has enjoyed success. Julia opened online store and launched full-fledged production. Diapers for $ 18 per piece went to bang. Now nothing bothered to keep the chicken in the house. Production of goods for chickens picked up and expanded. Now the birds can be purchased dresses, hats, houses and special swing – to maintain maximum comfort.

Chicken in the house now – a sign of a certain status. This prestigious. So the service market expands. The profession of "Chicken Consultant" appeared, the service costs $ 225 per hour. Also for birds hire special chefs. (About other strange professions.) There is your favorite chicken named Coco Chanel at the star of the serial "Beverly Hills 90210" Tori Spelling. Coco travels in the handbag of the hostess and wearing designer outfits for solemn events.

Polish and Toothpaste

Delicate spectacle: Raccoon rods, quickly crosses the legs and as if erasing underwear. I immediately want to settle this business animal at home. But before doing it, think a hundred times.

This unpretentious animal size with a cat must be kept in the aviary, and even better – in a separate room with a firmly closed door. First, Raccoon loves to bite and, as a rule, does it without parsing – it is better to keep children. Secondly, he has complex relationships with other pets: if he is just jealous to dogs and cats, then small rodents and birds, most likely, will eat. Finally, raccoon – Night animal. The pogrom, which he can arrange in the house, while everyone sleeps, unpredict. In search of food, it will easily open cabinets, boxes, boxes and even the refrigerator, try glue to the tooth, paint the whole apartment washing powder and puts off in his basin car keys. True, they say that if you take the raccoon quite small, the wild animal becomes manual.

As a child, Stephen Tyler, the leader of the famous Aerosmith group: "Moving from the Bronx in Jonkers, I started my little raccoon. When went fishing, then sled him myself on my shoulder. He published different sounds that I got bored a bit. But I could just talk to him about life ".

Strange pets - 3

In the same apartment with Enotyika Mirroil, and a resident of Omsk Alexander lived. He argued that the animal has plumbing chambers: "Raccoon is smart as Raven. If something learned to do, quickly masters "Focuses". Well, for example, bottles unscrewed. Mirra chased open the battery. If you press the plastic button – water starts to pour, and for it it is joy. Well, the apartment, of course, flooded somehow. Now in this place bucket hangs ".

Forest Boar VS Mini Pig

Many now hold mini-pigs – dwarf pigs. A resident of the village of Red Smolensk Region Viktor Novikov went on: headed at home handbabber. Rather, Kabaniu – Masha. Once in the forest, he found two booths: one dead, the other – the living. Took a touching striped (as it should be small) creature weighing 900 g to my home. I got from the bottle of children’s milk mixtures. Soon the Mashka was already cheerfully walking around the yard, meeting guests no worse than any dog.

When the weight of the pet has reached 150 kg, I had to build a pen so that loving Mashka someone did not give the lacquer. Kabani’s favorite dish – Hercules loves corn, and a hike in the road restaurant she replaces a walk with the owner in the forest. "There she runs, and the roots of some sinks, the acorns will creek," says Victor. For the walk of Kabaniha walks like a decent pet, in collar.

Love for large representatives of the pig family is different and actor George Clooney. His Vietnamese Vistamy Borov Max Weight 135 kg. Max accompanied the artist on the shooting, attended the interview, slept in his bed and lived in the house of the artist 18 years.

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