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Ferreta is homely ferret, it differs from wildly friendly and cheerful temper. In France, this animal has become popular among fashionists: a ferret, scored on the shoulder, like a fur collar, effectively complements the dress from Couture. Ferree were domesticated by a person more than two thousand years ago, as scientists suggest, on the Pyrenean Peninsula. At the famous picture of Leonardo da Vinci "Lady with Mornostham" depicts ferret-albino, and not the ermine. Such white animals were bred in Southern Europe, they were used to hunt rabbits and pets were just as popular as it is now the cat.

The rules on the import of animals in different countries often ferret is listed next to the cat and the dog, indicating that a large number of ferret-traveler.

Canada: sugar glider

In Canada and the United States and more recently in Europe is very popular Australian "flying" animals, known as diabetes Flying Possum or sugar glider. They are just like a kangaroo and koala, bear cubs in a pouch on their abdomen, but they have an advantage: they can plan. Rolls over "mimimishnost" (unusual appearance), friendly character, pocket size and the natural volatility of the flying squirrel allowed to settle in Australia forests in homes around the world. Animals are not in vain called sugar: in nature they eat sweet fruits, and their families fed and honey and baby food.

US: capuchins and chimpanzees

Americans like to keep in the house of the monkeys: they are often led into an amusing pet for a child or children instead of childless families. In US homes inhabited by more than 15,000 different species of primates from the chimpanzee to the Capuchins. Authorities are trying to deal with the domestication of monkeys, as they are potentially aggressive and spread of the disease: in 9 of the 50 states of the content as a pet is prohibited, and bring primates from abroad to the United States can not be more than 40 years. However, the descendants of those animals that were brought up in 1975, has successfully multiply and replenish the American family. It should, however, be noted that it is only the non-human primates, because the others have the right to freedom, as well as people. The precedent has been set up in Argentina, where in December 2014 the court found the orangutan personality.

Indonesia orangutans

More than 1,000 orangutans, mostly young, are sold annually on the black market in Indonesia. Often, they give birth to the rich as an attribute of prestige. Orangutans have a reputation for intelligent and gentle creatures, they are willing to take a childless family, as these apes closest to humans in their genetic code. In some houses orangutans live on a par with members of the family: wear nice clothes, sleep on cushions, eating at the same table with the people in the other – are trained to play the role of servants can open doors or rub the dust. But often it happens that grown monkeys are not needed owners – if they are given to rehabilitation centers where zoologists learn independence pets and then released. The authorities are fighting against trafficking and domestic content orangutans as pets left very little: they are found only on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo, and where their habitat is melting away. But neither the threat of extinction of a species or fines and prison sentences do not discourage the amateurs orangutans buy these almost human children. The price on the black market comes to $ 25 000 per individual. Also orangutans – welcome pets in neighboring Malaysia and Taiwan.

China songbirds and vibrant charms

China – probably the only country in the world where dogs eat, and walk their birds. Although the tradition of eating dogs and cats are gradually receding into the past, songbirds remain with a person for many centuries: the tradition of walking pet birds dates back to the Qing Dynasty. In Chinese parks in the early morning you can see a typical scene: a man walking, holding hands in a cell covered with a cloth. Finding a nice place under a tree, they removed the cloth and hung the cage on the branch, giving your pet the opportunity to contemplate nature and sing until the host communicates with friends. It is believed that without a walk bird can become sad and forget how to sing. On Sundays, poultry farmers often organize competitions birdsong: pet wins, who will perform the greatest number of different tunes in 15 minutes. Among the popular and beloved birds in China include: American Robin, red finch, Mongolian lark, Plover. The price for the feathered singer can reach 2000 yuan (17,000 rubles.).

If the birds are usually addicted to the elderly Chinese, then youth prefers "live key rings" – these are miniature aquariums in which fry, young turtles or other exotic. Keychains contain a minimum supply of air and nutrients, which allows the pet to live a few days, traveling with the owner. However, the literature must be moved to this aquarium. Fashion appeared recently and has already caused protests of animal defenders, since the keychain, bought at the subway or in the transition for fun, after often they are often thrown out.

Strange pets - 2

Japan: Deer Beetles

Favorite pets of Japanese children – deer beetles and rude beetles. These large insects are sold not only in pet stores, but also in special automata, as if drinks or delicacy, at a price of 400-630 yen (180-280 rubles.). The Japanese always fifth the passion for insects: the children hunt them with saccia, adults collectible, festivals of the beetles, the holiday of admirement by the fireflies of Chotarugari. Now that people live away from nature, in small apartments, the beetle became the perfect pet, as it does not require much care and lives longer than other hamsters. For insect owners in pet stores Special containers, accessories and jelly for feeding. It is estimated that every tenth man in Japan collects insects. Often he does it for the sake of participation in the battles of beetles, which are loved entertainment for children and adults.

Mexico: KINKU

Damnage is a predatory mammal from the raster family, inhabitants in Central and South America. He is kept as a pet in Mexico, Honduras, at Salvador and in Guatemala. "It’s hard to find a more pleasant pet than kinku. He attaches like a child. Caressing it happy. He gently presses to a person when he strokes him, and at the same time he seems to have no cunning. It is unhappy only when it suddenly anxiously. If he is voice and give time to wake up, he and the most cute creation in the afternoon, "the German zoologist Alfred Brem.

South Africa: Reptiles and Genelt

Oddly enough, animals from South America are in demand in South Africa. Recently, the most popular eczotic pets became a non-union snake maize poloz and a bearded dragon lizard. Also in African homes often live genet, appearance and habits resembles a cat. These curious animals from the visibility family are easily trained and willingly catch mice and rats.

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