Strange Fashion on Talisman Dolls in Thailand

Not so long ago in Thailand There was one very strange and a little terrible passion. The thing is that some adult women are "adopting" dolls, believing that spirits of their dead children and relatives.

If you suddenly see in Thailand an adult woman who will carry a doll with him, know – perhaps she belongs to her, not her daughter.

Some Thais believe that the perfumes might grasp the doll. Such dolls are called Look Thep (onions TKHEP, in the "Child-Divine", they are Child Angels).

Adults are carrying onions Tkhep always with them, as if this is a real child, feed, dress, play and even sleep with them. Not so long ago it became known that the Japanese restaurant in the suburbs of Bangkok even launched a special menu for dolls onions onions TKHEP.

The owners of the onion of Tkhep are fully confident that in their dolls there is a spirit that helps them in various matters.

Strange Fashion on Talisman Dolls in Thailand

To be understood as much seriously, you should know that the airline Thai Smile Air reported on the release of special tickets for dolls onions onions TKHEP! A ticket implies a separate landing place in the plane, as well as a full-fledged comprehensive nutrition.

For the first time, the dolls of the onions of Tekep appeared in Thailand in 2013. They created a woman named Manani Bunmi. She spoke one of the dolls, giving her part of the soul of his naughty child. After long-term care of the doll, her real 17 year old son was cooled and began to behave much more obedient.

Mananya Bunmy took a pseudonym Mom Ning and creates dolls onion TKHEP for sale. Many women acquire such dolls to replace the deceased children or to attract good luck. In any case, it looks very strange.

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