Stradun Street in Dubrovnik

Plates Stradun – The famous pedestrian zone of the old city of Dubrovnik, analogue of the Moscow Arbat and the main street of the historic city center. Street connects the western and eastern part of Dubrovnik, extending from the city gate to drink to the gate of the pitch.

The main street of Stradun became about the XII century, but its modern species was formed only at the end of the XVII century, when the city was restored after the earthquake. In ancient times, 300 meters by a crucible limestone, the street led the main trading life, which is noticeable and now – Throughout the foreground on the first floors of buildings, shops and shops are located, and sales by an old custom are conducted through the counter on the windowsill.

Stradun Street in Dubrovnik Sights of Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Today, houses are performed here in a single style, with frequent arcades and elegant carved decorations. Doors and windows have an arched shape, almost all buildings have three floors, and the kitchen, in order to avoid fire, are at the very top, in special premises – Loft.

Stradun is famous and the fact that folk festivities are held here and concerts are held here. For example, in early February, there is a traditional procession in honor of Holy Whalch, and in December, the New Year’s Eve is celebrated.

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