Story of Things: Bathing Machine

The era of Queen Victoria dictated strict morals, although nothing human people of the XIX century were alien to the beaches and they visited. True, moved along the hot sand in full use: ladies – in crinolines, gentlemen – in the trousers. Changed clothes in special traps, and went into the water.

Small wooden or tarpaulin houses in many stood on the shore. On the one hand, they had a staircase, on the other – the place for fastening the fence. In the latter it was possible to harm the dyesher servo or hire a carrot with a horse, which was too grabbed.

The driver drove the car into the water, unfolded it 180 ° (although there were "through" vans, having two exit), and he left the ravoisi. In popular resorts it was possible to even see the rails leading from the shore into the water. Cars that were attached to them were equipped with a steam engine, so no horses required.

Now it was possible to change out from the front suit in the "Standova". Kavaleru was supposed to have bathing pajamas (and after all, until the middle of the XIX century, men even allowed to swim by Nagishom), and a lady – a bathing dress. Special assistant helped to cope with the corset – Dipper.

Further publish the instructions: "Get down to the water and enjoy life. From the sun you will protect the canopy. From indiscreet views – a tarp tent. If you do not know how to swim – the rope will help, tightened around the waist and tied to another end to the van. Swim and change clothes, raise the checkbox on the roof of the van, signing the remaining on the shore that it is time for you ".

Story Things Bathing Machine

Difficulties with morality are clear, but what needs difficulties with delivery in the reservoir and back? It was not easier whether it was easy to put stationary bathing machines right in the water? And here just everything is reasonable – they would have taken into the sea at the first storm.

Who thought until the invention of this moral sample, is not exactly known. Some sources assure that it was a kind of Englishman named Benjamin Bil, who designed a van back in 1750. The second argue that the bathing machine appeared only at the end of the 18th century. Third – that "the house on the wheels", on the contrary, was created much earlier. So, in the public library of the English resort town of Scarborough, the engraving, which depicts people floating next to something very similar to the bathing machine. Engraving dates back 1736.

Especially popular bathing machines used in England and its colonies, but used in other countries: Mexico, USA, France, Germany and even Russia. Benefis for a hundred years long completed the sexy revolution of the beginning of the 20th century. She is a faster of any storm dare bathing houses with beaches, and in the period from 1914 to 1920 they came out of use completely.

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