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On the territory of the modern city of Ostrava Ancient people lived more than 25 thousand years ago. It was proved during archaeological excavations. Medieval amber pathway ran through this area. Ostrava itself, as it is believed, founded in 1267.

But the settlement of Ostrava was so small that even by the end of the 18th century no more than a thousand people lived here, most of which were engaged in craft.

After in 1763, large reserves of stone coal were found in Silesia, the development of the city began. The population quickly began to arrive, because for everyone here was. Black metallurgy has received its development after 1830, and after 1847, the Ostrava Rail was tied up with Vienna.

Already in the twentieth century, the Silesian and Moravian Ostrava joined, and a new round in the development of the city began.

Story Ostrava for tourists Travel guide

World War II left its negative trail: Ostrava, as a large metallurgical center, was bombed by allies aviation. In 1945, the Soviet army led brutal battles with Nazis for the Moravian Ostrava. The Moravian-Ostrava Operation was found from the most severe in Europe, four months for liberation continued, and only on April 30, Ostrava was released. After recovery in Ostrava, it became one of their largest industrial centers of Czechoslovakia.

After the division of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic’s power practically stopped the subsidies of metalgia, the coal was mined, and enterprises were sold out foreign companies.

Unemployment in the city began to grow, as the old industrial regions ceased to be profitable, many enterprises simply closed.

Story Ostrava for tourists Travel guide

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