Story of Things: Butterfly Tie

Ties and in fact love to call animal names. Why – unknown. Maybe because each of them is almost animated and knows how to "talk" – the truth is in my own language. For example, a shrouded tie-sharpes – a ancestor of a corrugated collar, which men worked on the camsole in the Middle Ages. To decorate yourself with such a luxury could, as a rule, a very noble person.

The same was with a butterfly. Even at the beginning of the last century, she was put on the most exclusive cases (a simple man could not happen in his entire life) either worn regularly, but only very high-ranking specials – remember the chief fan of this accessory Winston Churchill. However, sometimes the situation turned upside down on the head and the butterfly could be seen on the most quickly begging or lakoe.

Probably, the butterfly said not so much about a very high position, how much about the fact that your person from a row. In some sense, this tie is like this tie and today – they put it on, as a rule, those who want to stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, a cute accessory has long lost its unique destination – everything can be worn. True, with a small reservation: For everyday socks, the butterfly should be bright and rushing into the eyes. She, made in the tone of the costume, is considered suitable, it seems only for lunch with the English Queen. The accessory can also serve as part of the uniform – for example, it enters the obligatory element of the attorney in Switzerland, USA and France. Butterfly loves creative bohemia: actors, musicians and artists. (Learn also why British judges still wear wigs.)

From scarf – in the insect

Butterfly progenitor – ordinary scarf, only short. But to tie it in the form of insect wings, as Croatian mercenaries of the Penglish Wars of the XVII century are considered for the first time. Such scarves fastened the gate of shirts on courageous seams of Croats. The cervical headscarves themselves (they are called "Kravat", from the French Croat – "Croat") appeared in antiquity: in Egypt, China and Rome.

The first introduced fashion on the shawls, tied in the form of a butterfly, the famous King-Sun-Sun-Suudovik XIV. In 1661, he opened a whole workshop for making a favorite accessory – ties, including butterflies. The ladies were immediately noticed on the adorable trifle – one of the first, who "settled" the butterfly on the neck, became the court duchess of Louise de Lavalier.

On the invitation card, in the past century could only specify the address of the event and the color of the butterfly

Story of Things Tie Butterfly

Modern forms of the butterfly found only at the beginning of the last century. It is believed that the costumes of the La Scala Theater in 1904 were thought before her modification, putting graceful ties on actors and musicians Opera Gakomo Puccini "Madame Batterfly" (or "Chio-Chio-San"). The performance produced Furore. And then Marlen Dietrich with her passion to the same accessory. The tiny "insect" was destined to conquer the world.

"Foreign" on the butterfly

And the butterflies are classic and all the rest. The first consist of a strip of fabric – each time they need to be tied independently, the second – those that are already tied. Due to the simplicity of socks, the second is incomparably more popular than the first, but classic have a longer history. And the requirements for the wearing of this accessory at one time were much more stricter. The black butterfly, for example, was relied to wear only with a tuxedo, white – with a piece. This little detail of the clothing spoke not only for itself, but for others. Let’s say for the invitation card on which only the address of the event and the color of the butterfly could also be specified in the past century. Everything else was implied by default. And even the manner to tie this tie with experienced observers could tell about the viability and character of his carrier: Huruing it or not, dear fabric is used for accessory or cheap.

The width of the classic butterfly – from 5.5 to 6.5 cm. Big butterfly – from 8 to 8.5 cm. Butterfly "Bat Mouse" (by the way, the favorite of Abraham Lincoln) is very narrow – 4-4.5 cm. And still a butterfly, a diamond – creative people and women are often worn, it has a characteristic asymmetric shape (this is the only appearance of the butterfly, which can also be tied). Club butterflies have rounded ends and soft textures.

Story of Things Tie Butterfly

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