Stormy tourism growth in China – News from Shanghaidaily

To this blog entry, I pushed me news published in the Shanghai Daily News. I will allow myself to translate it into our and comment. The news is very interesting.

Tourism – "New Engine" of the Chinese Economy

Tourism continued to push the economy [PRC] last year [2015-M] growth of investments and consumption. This is told about the figures of statistics, published yesterday [15.01.2016].

For the first time in the history of investments in the tourist industry, China reached 1 trillion Chinese yuan in 2015, showing 42 percent of growth. Data presented the head of National Tourism Agency PRC – Mr. Lee Jeanso. Slow growth is observed, despite the decline in investment in the country.

The tourist industry attracts investments even those companies that did not participate in it earlier.

China’s Internet Giants – Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent have invested in a tourist business of 16 billion yuan in 2015. The largest investor has become Dalian Wanda Group with 700 billion yuan investments. Tourism Management declares that these investments will bring investors about 3 trillion yuan in the next three years.

Both investment and consumption of tourist products in China grows. Last year, the CNR citizens committed about 4 billion inland and 120 million foreign trips. In these indicators, China ranked first in the world.

"Tourism has become a new engine of Chinese economic growth," said Mr. Lee Jeanso.

The World Tourism and Travel Council expects that the tourist industry can give up to 10.1% of the country’s GDP, ahead of auto industry, banks and education sphere.

Comments to the news

Tourism in China flourishes and grows unprecedented pace while in our country it smoothly "bend". On the one hand, I’m glad for the Chinese. On the other hand, it’s a shame for us.

Figures of investment in this news do not cause doubts, after all, these are real money that can be accurately calculated. More questions arise to numbers of tourist trips. Called the number of 4 billion travels, which is very doubtful.

It turns out that every Chinese made 3 with an excess tour of the year. Of course the Chinese are richer every year, they will not argue here. But the overwhelming part of the country’s population is the poor layers of the population, they are not up to tourism, they dream of to eat well and give education to their children.

This statistic is similar to how they recently considered the length of the Chinese wall, counted 21 thousand kilometers. Of course, the global scientific community did not believe in such a figure. The Chinese counted all the sections of the wall, and it seems, fences along it at the same time.

So in tourist statistics, probably considered all movements between the provinces that each resident of the country did. 4 billion internal tourist trips believe little. And 120 million foreign trips are quite real, especially considering the fact that the Chinese people love to make up as a tour of the border.

The growth of tourism in China is a fact, although not at such a pace, as official statistics shows. The number of rooms in the hotels of the Sanya resort and other resorts of Hainan Island has long overtook all the resorts of Egypt together. After a couple of years, they will overtake all Turkey, this is not avoided.

Stormy tourism growth in China - News from Shanghaidaily

On the Great Wall of China, every year more and more Chinese tourists. In the Forbidden City, soon will not pour. Every year more and more residents of the main part of the PRC come to Hong Kong to buy cheap tablets and smartphones.

In China, have developed some directions that were not popular before. This is Xian with his terracotta army, it is Wuhan with his yellow crane tower and a hubeysky museum. Even from Russia to these cities are now latch direct flights, and these flights are part of the investment program.

Chengdu city in Sichuan Province very quickly "gains momentum" as an object of trips for the Chinese. There is a famous Panda Reserve, as well as Sichuan is famous for the whole world of its sharp kitchen. Sorry, but there are no direct flights between Moscow and Chengdu (see. List of direct flights between Russia and China).

Why for China it is so important?

The Chinese government is actively engaged in the problem of internal consumption growth. And it turns out not as good as I would like. There is a lot of reasons for this, and the main thing is the mentality of the Chinese.

They do not seek so quickly and "with the head" to throw in the "fire consumption" and burn in it. They are thrifty and do not want to buy unnecessary items that Americans, Europeans and ours are bought up to dozens. There are three pillars of Chinese philosophy – Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. None of these ideologies support excessive spending.

The Chinese love to eat well and diverse, but here the consumption is "do not inflate", because the volume of the stomach is limited. And here is the exit – tourism. It turned out that Chinese residents are ready to spend money on trips, they like it. And now the rapid growth begins with the dense support of the state.

In the PRC, found in tourism way to spur inner consumption. And since the Chinese found and grabbed, they will not let go. Well done, there are no other words. And think for yourself, because all the money from internal tourism remains in the country!

I do not argue, the our government is also trying to take this idea for weapons, but by what methods? Closing other countries from ours. Here I remember the saying: "Forcibly milk will not be".

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