Storm catcher

According to Mike, there is an element of good luck in his shooting, but first of all it is a real hunting and thousands of kilometers driving. According to him, for the year he drives an average of 32,000 km. Sometimes everything is intended successfully, and it returns to a collection of stunning pictures, and there are such years as 2013, when, despite information from the most reliable sources and hard work, Mike remained with anything. Hurricane catcher grew up in Nebraska and the elements began to watch another teenager in 1999. No meteorology, no photo he never studied. It truly hesitated to hunt for the elements when the tornado occurred right in front of his eyes in Iowa. According to him, becoming a witness to such an element, it is difficult not to get on the hook and do not want to experience this again. Then he worked on a flour and hurricane chairs after changing or on the weekend. Sometimes when his forecast said that a bore be, he took a day off for half a day. Gradually, the work began to him at all in a burden, and he quit in 2004, hasting money. So he completely devoted himself a hobby and began to earn, selling pictures. Snapshots of 2004 Storm in Nebraska brought him success and very quickly spread online. Then there was a series of natural misunderstandings for the Internet — The same photos were placed as a photo of a storm in Texas, and then they were attributed to Hurricane «Katrina». Hollingshead had to spend enough time, sending letters with a request to correct materials and exposing accounts for unlicensed use of photos. The lesson was not pleasant, but so the name of the T-shirt was recognizable. In 2012, his photo fell on the cover of the National Geographic magazine, in addition, his frames appeared in films.

Storm catcher

Now Mike complains that hurricane hurricans are becoming more and more. Popular This hobby has become after the release of the American television show Storm Chasers. As a result, sometimes to the place of education of the hurricane, it is simply impossible to break through the crowd of zoo.

Storm catcher

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