Storm at the island of Maria Teresa. 37 Parallel

The semi-satiest message in the bottle read: "On June 27, 1862, the three-person ship" Britain ", from Glasgow, crashed in a thousand five hundred leagues from Patagonia, in the southern hemisphere. Two sailors and captain Grant got to the island of Tabor. Here, tortured cruel deprivation, they threw this document under 153 ° Western longitude and 37 ° 11 ‘South latitude. Help them, or they will die. ".

Friends, you read Roman Jules Verne "Children Captain Grant"? – In the life of the dream of millions of people, our crew came exactly from there.
Yacht "Lady Mary" comes out on 37 parallel at point with 153 ° coordinates of Western longitude and 37 ° 11 ‘South latitude.
Storm at the island Tabor. Rise captain on mast in the open ocean. Frankly from Starripom: What you feel, on the roads of Jules Verne 35 years after childhood? In the film you will learn whether the expedition island Maria Teresa found.

Storm at the island of Maria Teresa. 37 Parallel

All video cycles of adventure "Expedition to Ghost Islands"
1 series – why do people unfold 180 degrees and one march to faint the half-Pacific, from the tropics to the floating ice.
2 series – the preparation of the yacht to the subsolar and the repair of the heater, which did not work 4 years :).
3 series – broke the sail! What children and adults think about the 2-hinged Non-Stop transition.
4 series – the last inhabitable island. Polynesian generosity and police.
5 series – first reef ghost! – about the passage of mysterious place, sail repair and how Jung feeds the whole family.
6 series – life of families with children in a two-month transition. Cooking at an angle to the horizon and Edu Technophobiai from the captain.
Episode 7 – Ghost Reefs 1957 and Ernest Level. Versions of their disappearance. We close to the southern ocean.

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