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Experienced travelers advise coming to Pattaya with a half-empty suitcase. In stores and shopping centers you can find beachwear and summer accessories, shoes, cosmetics and everything you need for a comfortable stay. Especially such advice is relevant in winter, when only warm things are banging in our shop windows. Best Shopping in Thailand – in Bangkok. Pattaya does not lag behind and replenishes the collection of world-class shopping centers. I will tell you about all major shops of the city and goods you can buy.

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Central Festival

One of the best shopping centers of Pattaya is located on the beach street near SOI 9. 7 floors are similar to a separate city with shops, restaurants, entertainment for children, cinema and great food court, where you will find the kitchen from different parts of the world. From shops you will be interested in the sports department of Supersports, electronics and household appliances POWER BUY, CENTRAL FOOD HALL supermarket with European and Thai products.

In addition to the multi-brand Central Department Store, for women, men and children, a two-storey store H is presented in the shopping center&M, Victoria’s Secret, Silk Jim Thompson, Textiles Naraya, Zara and others. In a word, everything is selling here – from the clothes No name on trays in the corridors to Calvin Klein and Armani Exchange. Cosmetics You will find in the Department of Central, Network Pharmacies Boots and Watson’s, BEAUTY BUFFET. From an interesting recommend visit Daiso – shop with goods by 60 baht.

You can eat in Fudcourt or choose one of the restaurants of the shopping center. Go to Shabushi for an unlimited Japanese buffet or sieme with steaks and salad bar. Japanese cuisine is also served in Zen, Fuji and Yayoi. In the restaurant MK you will be put on the table a saucepan for making your own dish, and in Sukishi – a mangal grill for meat in Korean. Another good restaurant is on the table, which serves asian and European cuisine. They have a separate multi-page menu for vegetarians. And if you came with children, be sure to look at the Japanese restaurant Hajime, where robots work instead of waiters.

Top floor prepared entertainment for movie lovers. In several cinema halls, show the latest innovations in English. If you are going to go to the Thai movie, most of them go with subtitles in English. From entertainment for a large company in the shopping center Open Lazertag. The plot of the quest is very simple that the child will cope.

Coordinates: 12.934436, 100.883566
Working hours: daily from 11:00 to 23:00.

Shopping Center Terminal 21

My favorite store in Pattaya easily can compete with the Central Festival for the title of the best. And yes, this is another store with an airplane, straight real shopping airport. Each floor of the shopping center is dedicated to a separate city: Tokyo, Paris, London, Rome, San Francisco and Hollywood. Insta-SPOTS meet you even before the entrance to the building. And inside you are waiting for the Eiffel Tower, Japanese streets with lanterns, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Venetian Gondoliers and much more. It’s not in the toilets were not!

From shops European and Asian brands: H&M, Jaspal, Uniqlo, Guess, Cath Kidston, Calvin Klein. Among cosmetic brands – NYX, Harnn, Panpuri, Phutawan, Beaty Cottage, Beauty Buffet, Matsumoto. In some shops you will find goods from Thai designers. On the top floor, in the Hollywood zone, is a cinema, and above – Grand Center Point Hotel.

On the 5th floor traditional for the terminal 21 Food Court with a large selection, including Thai, European and vegetarian cuisine. Restaurants – Japanese Shabushi with unlimited buffet, Sizzler with steaks and salad bar, Japanese Fuji and yayoi, Thai-Chinese bitch-yaks Mk in style "Cook yourself", Grill on the mangali of Sukishi in Korean, seafood savoey, ice cream SWENSEN’s and much more.

Coordinates: 12.949949, 100.888895
Working hours: daily from 11:00 to 23:00.

Royal Garden Plaza

First "Shop with aircraft" Located right in the heart of the city. Previously, his picture was a symbol of shopping in Pattaya. Now Royal Garden Plaza looks like a karapuz compared to new molla mollas. Cutting to the shopping center the aircraft is an advertisement for the Museum of Ripley "Believe or not". Attractions occupy almost a whole floor. Unusual things, kunstkamera, wax figures, optical illusions, fear room, 9D cinema, laser quest – Only part of interesting exhibitions of the museum.

Royal Garden Plaza does not boast abundance of stores. In the mall you will find brands mass market Haas, Bossini, Esprit, Lee, Nautica, Bata, Guess, Crocs, FRENCH KITTY, PUMA. On the 3rd floor there is a food court with tables on an open veranda and a panoramic view of the sea. Restaurants Here you can find Vegetarian Saras, Sizzler with Salad Bar, Sunsens Cafes, Coffee Shops. Now Royal Garden Plaza is less interested in shopping lovers, rather than terminal 21 or Central Festival.

Coordinates: 12.929220, 100.878157
Working hours: daily from 11:00 to 23:00.

Entertainment center Harbor Mall

A huge shopping and entertainment complex occupies already 10 floors. His orientation is not for purchase, but on attractions for children and family entertainment. In 4 floors, Harbor Malls are located a few mini clubs and playgrounds for kids and children older, town of Kidzon’s professions, rollerldrome, climbing, Lazertag, skating rink, snow town, Big Food Court.

Shops are a bit, mostly they are for moms and children. Cosmetics will find multi-brand Beauty Cottage and Beauty Buffet, Oriental Princess, Cute Press, Network Pharmacies Boots and Watson’s. One floor is almost completely assigned to the IT department of Tuk-Com: Phones, smartphones, computers and other electronics. The choice is very big. Restaurants I advise you to visit Buffet Shabushi, Thai Tummour, Delicious Japanese Restaurant Tuna Ichiban, Thai steaks and European cafe JEFFER.

Coordinates: 12.933801, 100.897475
Working hours: daily from 11:00 to 23:00.

Central Marina

Previously, this hypermarket was called Central Center. Under this name, he is still known to some old tourists. The lion’s share of the shopping center occupies a supermarket Big C and a cinema. Individual stores and shops are not so much on 2 floors. Here are sold mainly by Thai products and brands of the mass market: AIIZ, X-ACT, LEVI’s, Haas, Body Glove, Blue Corner, Vincci and Bata shoes. From cosmetics will find Oriental Princess, Cute Press, Network Pharmacies Boots and Watson’s. From an interesting and useful – Komanoya shop with products of 60 baht. Restaurants Central Marina also can not boast: bitch-yaki "Cook yourself" MK, Japanese Yayoi, Coffee Shops, Fast Food and Ice Cream Swimsens.

Coordinates: 12.945665, 100.890262
Working hours: daily from 11:00 to 23:00.

Mike Shoping Mall

Once Mike was a famous shopping center. Even his story is interesting. In the 70s, the Thai family opened the Jewelry store Mike, where their hotel is located now with a rooftop pool. Over a dozen years, the main activity quickly reoriented to the sale of different local products. Family business expanded, and in 91 he opened a new multi-storey shopping center, in a kilometer from the first. For many years there were two stores Mike. In the early 2000s, in a conversation, it was necessary to clarify what kind of T-shirt speech. Now the first store is a hotel, a jewelry salon and a micro flea market. The popularity of the second shopping center has decreased with the opening of more interesting shopping monsters.

First floor Mike Shoping Mall occupy sales, cosmetic salon Takashi Tokyo with easy cleaning and face massage for 299 baht, minor shops. 4 floors of own department store distributed between multibrend clothes, shoes and accessories for women, men and children. The range is similar to the selection in centrals and robinsons. On the fifth floor, a fitness club and a food court are located, which, in my opinion, is absolutely not popular.

Coordinates: 12.932030, 100.880668
Working hours: daily from 11:00 to 23:00.

Shopping center Avenue

A small shopping center, built under the supermarket Villa Market, Cinema and Bowling. On the square in front of the building they are satisfied with the sale, and in the evening there are tables with different goods. Villa Market is famous for its imported products. In the supermarket, you will find various cheeses, kefir and products that are not in Thai stores. True, import prices appropriate. Shopping lovers do not go to the shopping center specifically. You can look if you live nearby.

Coordinates: 12.929360, 100.881689
Working hours: Daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

Outlet Mall and Premium Outlet Pattaya

A two-storey shopping center with an additional shopping gallery is located near the night market Troncit. It is better to combine these two places for shopping, rather than travel specifically in Outlet. All kinds of goods are selling: clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, sports equipment and much more with discounts 10-70%. In my experience, shopping in the outlet times at times you do not have. Sometimes I can’t carry my bags, but sometimes it is completely empty. In the building itself and on the street, the gallery is located shops of brands Esprit, Playboy, Guy Laroche, Geox, Crazy Step, Pierre Cardin, Giordano, Wrangler, Bowling, Timberland, DR. Martins, Guess, Iyara Oriental, 17 Club, X-Act, Zein, Haas, Hollywood Studio, Lee, Levi’s. No sportswear and shoes – Arena, Reebok, Ferrari, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Quiksilver and others.

Coordinates: 12.907932, 100.895196
Working hours: Daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

Hypermarket Big Si Extra

The big shopping center with a hypermarket Big SC Extra used to be called Carrefour. Some Thais still know where "Cafa". The difference from the usual big si in an extended assortment. In order not to confuse, in Pattaya there are two more Big C stores – to the Central Marina and South Street. In addition, round-the-clock mini markets Big Si mini scattered around the city.

The shopping center Big SI Extra consists of a hypermarket, home store store, small benches, restaurants, cafes and food courts. Hypermarket looks like Auchan. Here you can buy products, clothing, shoes, equipment, furniture, cosmetics and household chemicals. Big C offers online shopping with delivery or pickup. If you have little children under 4, in a hypermarket you will find a large selection of inexpensive clothes.

Of course, as in any other shopping center, without cafes and restaurantshere else. Look in Japanese Fuji, Steak House Santa Fe, Thai-European Fusion and Black Canyon Coffee. Or you can eat on the big food court.

Coordinates: 12.935173, 100.894461
Working hours: Daily from 8:00 to 24:00.

Hypermarket Teso Lotus

Stores in Pattaya - Shopping centers, supermarkets with Russian products, map in Russian guide

Thais pronounce the name of the shopping center "Lotas" or even "Lott" Due to the features of the endings in Thai. Test Lotus in Pattaya Four: Large hypermarkets on the North Street and near the outlet, supermarkets are smaller on Suchumvit, near the central street, and not far from the floating market. Tourists are more interesting for the first two, as they are more and an assortment, and get to them on Tuk-Tuka is easier. And on all Pattaya scattered mini markets Teso Lotus Express. On the company’s website you can make delivery of products, read how to do it.

Hypermarkets consist of a supermarket, different shops, private benches, cafes and restaurants. Supermarket sell fruit, vegetables, ready-made food, grocery, children’s goods, clothing, shoes, furniture, home, cosmetics, household chemicals and electronics. Nearby there is a food court, where Thai dishes are preparing, a restaurant MK, several fast food points. In the North Tesco Lotus you will find a decaton department with sports.

Coordinates of the Northern Hypermarket: 12.951217, 100.893641
Coordinates of the southern hypermarket: 12.906362, 100.894753
Working hours: daily from 8:00 to 23:00.

Supermarket macro

Wholesale and retail store Macro looks like a metro hypermarket in Russia. For the entrance and at the checkout, the pass or card is not required. The supermarket purchased restaurants, cafes, hotels. Macro is sold not only in bulk, but also retail: vegetables, fruits, grocery, meat, seafood, household goods. Prices are lower than in Thai supermarkets. Of the interesting things in the macro selling some imported goods: Indian, Korean, Japanese, Italian. Sometimes dumplings "Nikolsky" and dumplings good food phuket production. Supermarkets Macro in Pattaya Two: Store more on Sukhumvit, Near Oceanarium "Underwater world", and smaller on North Street.

Coordinates of the Northern Hypermarket: 12.948297, 100.902526
Coordinates of the southern hypermarket: 12.897721, 100.894914
Working hours: daily from 6:00 to 22:00.

Villa Market

Europeans oriented supermarkets. In Pattaya, two stores: in the Avenue shopping center, about which I wrote above and in the Gallery of Little Walk on Suchumvit. Here you can buy an Australian beef, German sausages, a variety of wines, buckwheat, dumplings, dumplings, sour cream, cottage cheese and kefir. Parents will find a large selection of familiar food for their children, a variety of dairy products and hygiene items. Part of the range coincides with Thai Big C and Teso Lotus. Product prices above.

Coordinates of the supermarket in The Avenue: 12.929679, 100.881125
Coordinates of the supermarket in Little Walk: 12.936343, 100.902641
Working hours: daily from 9:00 to 22:00.

Supermarket Friendship

A two-story supermarket on south street is easy to confuse with the Chinese temple. Private store has always been famous for the large selection of imported products. In FRANDShip, you can buy different Thai products, as well as rye and other bread, baking, dumplings, dumplings, buckwheat, semolina and corn croup. On the shelves there are always a large selection of sausages and cheeses, almost like in macro, wine and other alcohol products. On the second floor of the office, dining room utensils, economic goods. Next to the main building there is a shop for restaurants with a large selection of baking and cooking facilities.

Coordinates: 12.923555, 100.879773
Working hours: Daily from 7:30 to 2:30.

Supermarkets Futland

Futland stores in Pattaya Three. All of them are located at shopping centers: Terminal 21, Harbor Mall and Royal Garden Plaza. Supermarkets are focused on expatours and foreign tourists. Selection of products for Europeans in Foodland big. Here is the largest selection of cheeses at optimum prices, more profitable than in FRANDSHIP and Villa Market.

Working hours: Daily and round the clock.

Supermarket Fudmart

24 Hour store oriented on European and our tourists and expat. Showcases Presented products of local companies and imports: dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, manta, cheeses, sausages, sausages, rye and other bread, pastries, kefir, ryazhenka, sour cream, snowball, cottage cheese, mayonnaise Provence, Nemiroff vodka. You can even celebrate nuts cookies with boiled condensed milk and Alenka chocolate. And also there are Thai products, household chemicals and utensils sold in other supermarkets.

Coordinates: 12.905025, 100.869696
Working hours: Daily and round the clock.

BEST supermarket

Another store with Thai-European products. It is located at the rings with dolphins. The assortment of the BEST supermarket looks like Thai Big Si and Teso Lotus with the addition of imported goods. From our products Here you will find a large selection of cheeses and sausages, chocolate Alenka, dumplings, dumplings, mayonnaise, mustard, kefir, ryazhenka, cottage cheese. In addition to the products, the racks are cosmetics, household chemicals, alcohol. Prices are comparable to Thai hypermarkets.

Coordinates: 12.951176, 100.888157
Working hours: daily from 8:00 am to 1:00 am.

Electronics Tuk Com

Electronics big shopping mall occupies 5 floors. In Thai, the name of the store – "Tyk-Com", where "tyk" – "building", "com" – top-level domain, and a reference to the IT-sphere. Due to the nature of the English language, which has no letter "NS", signboard decided to record TukCom. The shopping center occupies a leading place among the places with phones, computers, adapters and other electronics. Compete can only IT-systems in Bangkok.

The shopping center Tuk Com you will find the official shops of famous brands and mobile operators, as well as shops and counterfeiting goods from China. Laymen hardly will distinguish "Gray" iPhone. I recommend to buy phones and large equipment in the shops of Power Buy, Banana IT, iStudio, JIB, IT City. My tourists complained about the counterfeiting among flash cards and storage drives purchased on the islands and in the lesser-known shops. The Tuk-coma on the 3rd floor repaired phone, will change the screen to install a license or not an operating system on a laptop. If you want to buy a charging selfi-stick, cover, or protective glass on a smartphone, you need to come here just. The department Amorn Electronics sold accessories.Roma IT stores in Tuukka located Tops supermarket with food and inexpensive store MR. DIY with the little things. It is similar to the our Fix Price. Only in the store MR. DIY different prices, and the range is not limited to household goods. It sells building things as locks, saws, light bulbs; headphones, charging adapter, car accessories, children’s toys and more.

Coordinates: 12.923,961, 100.878620
Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 21:30.

Summarizing, we advise any shops worth visiting in the first place. If your goal – shopping and entertainment, head to the Central Festival or terminal 21. Supermarkets per day – Macro, Big C and Tesco Lotus. Frendship private shops, Foodland, and Fudmart Best selling our products such as dumplings, buckwheat, kefir. And behind a new phone or laptop it is necessary to go to the tukkom or Harbor Mall. The latter will also come up for entertainment with children.

Stores in Pattaya - Shopping centers, supermarkets with Russian products, map in Russian guide

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