Trading House Royal Paragon

In the Chalong area, a large store Royal Paragon. Although he is called Duty Fri, his concept is far from the classics. It is more correct to name Royal Paragon a trading house, united under its roof of the unique retailers of Thailand and products of famous world brands. Classic goods Duty Fri, like perfume or alcohol, there is no. On goods can be issued a refund. The shop comes for products from the exotic crocodile skin, Jano Spa, and amulets with meaning and other souvenirs. All customers on the preliminary application are allowed a free transfer from the hotel and back.

LEDA shop – products from exotic skin

LEDA specializes in products from crocodile exotic skin. The total area of ​​trading halls takes 1200 square meters.M. This is the only store on Phuket, where you will find the largest selection of leather crocodile products. There are no clothes and shoes among goods. The company focused on accessories: bags, clutches, briefcases, wallets, belts, key rings, glaciers, keystones. There is an opportunity to even buy scarecrow crocodile, its skin or foot.

LEDA production is located in Bangkok. The own factory allows you to keep moderate prices for all products while maintaining high quality. Presented in the store bags of different colors and sizes.

Visitors waiting for a hard choice from hundreds of models: short handles, shoe, female and men’s cross-bodies, backpacks, clutches, bastards, laptop bags and paper briefcases. Colors There are both classic – white, black and brown and more fashionable – Yellow, blue, orange, red, purple, green, pink.

The lion’s share of the LEDA store goods are made of crocodile leather. And there are accessories from the skate, snakes and other exotic skin: bags, belts, wallets, key rings. Fans of exotic will find unusual souvenirs. What is just worth a wallet for trivia from the crocodile foot, the same key chain or suspension from a real tooth of dangerous reptile.

In some stands there are amulets and jewelry from crocodile bones and teeth. Thai designers tried, creating unusual things. Among the suspension there are carved amulets in the form of a tooth, flowers, Ganesha, Eravan and other elephants.

Ledo managed to offer favorable prices for goods from exotic skin. For example, a wallet for trifles with a crocodile leg costs 990 baht, keychain with a paw – 780 baht. Wallets can be found from 1100-1900 baht, bags – from 3000 baht. Crocodile tooth pendant costs from 850 baht, carved bone suspension in the form of a tooth – from 1200 baht. In addition, discounts on certain goods are constantly held in the store. And buyers can issue VAT refund and get it at the airport.

Decoration and jewelry with meaning

For Thai and Asian buyers offer different jewelry with magical destinations. You can choose a unique amulet depending on the wishes. With their help attract love or wealth, improve health, get protection or becomes ballet fortune. It is ready to insert into a bracelet with natural stones or in a color chain.

Most decorations for an amateur, as designed for Asian buyers who appreciate the meaning than sophisticated design. On the shop windows you can find bracelets, necklaces, beads and pendants with diverse stones: jade, quartz, tourmaline, opal, pomegranate, petrified tree.

A separate bench is represented by religious amulets of gold and stones, turtle with spells on the neck or hand, natural stones. There is even t-shirts and other clothes with Sak Yanti and magical inscriptions from the monk Arjannop Kanpai.

Evrapreey classics among jewelry a little. You can find beads and a variety of bracelets with pearls, as well as mix of pearls and natural stones. On one of the stands are silver rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches with semi-precious stones.

Store Royal Paragon - Crocodile leather, exotic goods, free shuttle service, Duty Free,

Jano Spa

Separately, I would like to highlight the Thai Jano Spa products, which is difficult to find in other phuket stores. They produce care cosmetics since 2004. The main ingredient of the entire line – Coconut Cold Pressing Oil. PHOYAL Paragon Sold oil for body and face oil, aromatic balms, massage oil, body lotions, cream for hands and nails, lip balms, saline scrubs for the body. Their coconut cold spin coconut oil is higher than praise: well absorbed and moisturizes the skin. I really like their distinct shampoo with coconut oil. It is released with 5 flavors: classic coconut, lavender, lemgrass, frangipani, mango. In addition to shampoo, in the ruler presented therapeutic serum for hair and mask with coconut oil. I also like cosmetics for home: aromatic diffusers for air refreshing and essential oils. Jano spa products are not as well known among our-speaking buyers like Lemongss House or Oriental Princesses. And in quality it is not inferior.

Goods Duty Fr

Royal Paragon can not be fully called Duty Free Shop. We will find clothes, watches, glasses, bags, suitcases, backpacks of European brands. Among cosmetics are Misline, Loreal, Chaolay, Ele, Sawasdee and Namu Life with their Snail White Line. In Royal Paragon, you will find Glasses Gucci, Coach, Ray Ban, Emporio Armani; Omega, IWC Schaffhausen, Rado, Longines, Tudor, Swatch, Tissot, Fossil, Casio, Citizen, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Fiyta, Enicar, Piaget; Mont Blanc Pens, Swarovski Decorations and More. Among souvenirs in the store Sell T-shirts with elephants, batik, wood products.

ROYAL PARAGON trading house offers Free shuttle for their buyers. Call by phone +66 84 905 6656 (WhatsApp, Viber) Or write a message indicating your hotel, room rooms, number of person and meeting time. All purchases can be immediately taken with them, as in the usual shopping center. Do not forget to make a return return to get it at the airport.

Royal Paragon Shop

Address: Soi Chaofa 69, Chalong, Muang, Phuket
Coordinates: 7.853397, 98.334831

Store Royal Paragon - Crocodile leather, exotic goods, free shuttle service, Duty Free,

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