Store for whipping goods

In chinese city Shenyang An unusual institution appeared exclusively for women.

Taking the soul during shopping, then the buyers can get other positive emotions, breaking everything to hand here.

In most countries of the world, it is believed that a woman is a custodian who knows how to keep the house in order and use various utensils as no other. But who of the representatives of the beautiful floor did not go into rage, when something from home equipment does not work, tired of cleaning the dishes or simply "there is no strength to see this vacuum cleaner"?

Store for whipping goods

A unique store allows women to get a psychological discharge, they can loud here everything – from the service to the TV. Visitors at the entrance to the special store of the store supply a baseball bat and protective equipment in order not to be injured. Only 1 minute is given on the pogrom and only to those who made a minimum purchase before this.50 Euro. This service is particularly popular with housekeeping and student.

The director of the institution believes that shopping and destruction – two excellent ways to remove stress. All women in the world know about the first, from the second, they are delighted with the client of this store.

Store for whipping goods

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