Store diamonds in a safe in Monaco not accepted

In any tourist booklet, describing the advantages of staying in this tiny European country, the authors will not be promoted to notice that the sky above its territory 300 days a year remains sunny. Despite the fact that the richest people of the planet accumulate on this meager patch, the state only 5 years ago deigned to join the UN, and the EU member becomes not even going to. We are talking about the principality of Monaco, where people with money attract not so much world-famous casinos and azure coast, how much lack of taxes and safety in all its manifestations.

On average, peace of every hundred MONEGASS protects one polisman. Prince Rainier III has long gave an indication: "Monaco must be an absolutely safe country". And its promise The current head of the Grimaldi dynasty holds firmly. Casino and other places of clusters "Gambler"-aristocrats, although they do not give a reason for concern, constantly patrol. The technical equipment of the local police may even envy the military. The clock every dark corner of the principality is viewed by servants of order through the lenses of the camcorder. They are universally installed in the entrances and halls of residential buildings. Not surprisingly, the Police Department of the Principality is recognized as the most modern and most efficiently working European law enforcement unit. After all, to close for an undesirable face the border of Monaco or block departure from the country, the authorities are required only a few minutes.

Cases of aggravation of the law in Monaco rare also because local courts tend to award the maximum deadlines and the amount of penalties. It is clear that the benchmark here is eradicated as a fact, the rules of the road will actively fulfill each rolling road southern. Peculiarly formulated the need to keep the population in the invisible Jedis one local jeweler: "We create our works so that people wore these diamonds, walked in them down the street, and not sharpened in the safe. You can store diamonds under the castle, but not in Monaco".

According to the latest data, people of 108 nationalities live in the principality of citizens. Everyone who wants to stay here for a period exceeding 3 months, and even more so to get the status of the resident, should, for the beginning of the surrender of a long-term visa at the France consulate at the place of main residence. If you are no longer a young man and passed the 16-year-old age line, in addition to the visa on arrival at the place will have to be immediately "litter" In the Police Department. Officials will also require a contract signed by your future Employer-MONEGA and certified to the employment office. Or evidence that the state allows you to be with my wife and kids to tunate in prosper. And finally, it is possible to qualify for long-term accommodation in the country only if you have solved the problem of housing, and provided local bureaucrats to the relevant document. This may be a lease agreement, an extract from the registration book in your name or at least a certificate of payment of the hotel at the hotel for a long time.

The number of real estate agencies that act in Monte Carlo may envy another megapolis. The most prestigious here are Cabinet Wolzok, Domus Immobilier and Agence A.F.I.M. To be confident in the purity and professionalism of the agent, it is necessary to cope, is he or his firm member of the Professional Association of Real Estate Workers, which was established here in 1945 on the command of Prince Louis II. This Chambre Immobiliere Monegasque, whose members are currently consisting of about 90 firms. If agency is included in this "The ward favorites", It does not have to worry – for all possible Macler errors will pay the local bank guarantor.

It should be noted that having less than 2 in the Swiss bank.000.000-3.000.000 French francs (FFR), not worth the monk realtors and contact. On average, the price of most residential premises in Monte Carlo fluctuates within the FFR5.000.000-7.000.000. Extreme numbers are. Five-bedroom apartment with three bathrooms with a total area of ​​285 square meters last week. You could buy for FFR16.000.000. 2 garages, kitchen equipment and unchanged security electronics. From numerous windows and terraces of this real estate splendor overlooking Mediterranean waves. Embodiment cheaper – 2-bedroom apartment Square for a little less than 70 square meters for FFR2.800.000.

Although the cases with the Earth at the Monegaskov are intense, on the villa with a plot you can spend two times less than a different fashionable apartment. So, 5-room mansion a few minutes drive from the capital casino is now offered for FFR6.000.000. 250 square meters in addition to bedrooms fit 4 bathrooms. Outside the window – garden in 2.000 square meters and panoramic coast.

More than half of all real estate investments Monaco are made by non-resident – weissious people who wish only from time to time to visit this gracious state. Local laws for the French are most attractive: they often move here only in order to calmly dispose of their inheritance, not afraid that the state is laying the property of successors.

Inheritance tax in Monaco varies greatly depending on the degree of kinship. Since the main principle of taxation here is in the absence of any direct taxes, the heirs of the deceased "in direct" wonders are not taxed at all. The execution of brochesky-nursing will shall be taxed in the amount of 8 percent of the cost of inheritance. The nephew mentioned in the testament of the monk uncle or aunt, (the opposite happens less often) must pay in the treasury "tenth" inheritance. Other relatives pay 13 percent, and all 16 percent.

When selling property or just "Rewriting" Its to another name is going to register. It should be noted that it is somewhat more profitable to draw out a deal of sale, than just to transfer property rights – 6.5 against 7.5 percent.

The location of the tax service (Direction Des Services Fiscaux) commemorates easily – it is located on Grimaldi Street. Here you are aware of the citizenship and learning that you arrived from afar, let go with the world. Tax oppression in Monaco exists only for the French, settled here later than October 1957. Monk authorities are allowed "shake" accounts of only these citizens and only neighboring France, with which Grimaldi signed the only such agreement. You can live here for only six months, but compared to deeply rooted French subjects, you will feel "White man".

Store diamonds in a safe in Monaco not accepted

On any type of business activity in Monaco needs to get "good" Administration. The applicant is required to prove that his project represents at least some benefit for the economy of the principality. Application Blank can be obtained in the Ministry of Economy – Direction De Lxpansion Economiqu. It happens, and it is not rare that the applicants refuse.

Paradise, but there is in Monaco such activities that are not liberated from taxes. First, these are companies, not less than a quarter of the turnover of which fall on overseas operations. And secondly, legal entities living in the expense "Coupon haircuts" with patents, rights to replication of literary and other works of art. They are subject to a rather impressive income tax in the amount of 33.3%. However, in order to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, the first two years after registering such an enterprise, the tax administration usually does not charge at all, and on the third, as a rule charges partially.

Monaco is rightly proud and its developed financial system. At deposits in 40 local banks are now stored more than French francs. Half of these savings belong to foreigners who constantly live in Monaco. It should be noted that "Launder" money is considered an illegal act here, however, by setting customer confidentiality above all, financiers often do nothing against this.

On the right to hire employees – even if you are at the same place as a private person – you will have to obtain the permission of local social services. Namely, the CCSS Social Security Foundation (Caisse De Compensation Des Services Sociaux), in which the employer must do deductions in the amount of 16.9% salary. As well as Car Pension Fund (Caisse Autonome Des Retraites), which "eats" Twice less – 7.33%. Together with all other types of material responsibility, the social contributions of the employer are approaching 33 percent of the designated salary employee.

Monaco has a record small territory, which is located in the heart of Western Europe and is ideal for organizing its business bridgehead here. In fact, than not sleeping area: only two hours of summer from Paris to Nice, 45 minutes by bus or 20 minutes in a taxi – and you are at home.

And that the ownership of the apartment in Monaco will add you more "Points", than the villa somewhere on the ocean islands and speak too much. The prestige of any bonds with the principality is recognized everywhere.

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