Stopped – the rock chair and the Norwegian fjord business card

The first trip to the Wiking Country took place in 2009. I remember how accidentally found tickets for 7,000 rubles back out of Yekaterinburg in Oslo, bought tickets to Bremen (the air from Ryanair was released for 0.1 euros) and Amsterdam. Before that, I had a trip to Austria and Germany, Czech Republic and Poland, Egypt. But I dreamed of visiting fjords. To do this, even removed money from a credit card, which is shy? I was a student, but always dreamed of Norway and travel, and the lack of permanent earnings did not confuse me. I now believe that the lack of large financial resources is not an obstacle to implement their dreams. You can travel for 0 rubles. Would desire.

At that time I decided that:

1. In the expensive Norway we will live through the tours. I must say that in that trip me the toursforterfing is very pleasant: I never forget the guys from Oslo, who had a cat named Pushkin, as well as the Kistan’s host from Bremen, who for 2 years of studying our spoke him freely. Thanks to him, I fell in love with Bremen, it was also necessary to show the city so! In the evening we learned about all secret places.

2) in Amsterdam we will live in hotels, abandoning the touchers, and then there is no more cupcakes with Hashish, why strain people with their presence? 🙂

In the preparation of routes, the main thing is to find a balance that does not pass over the edge of reasonable. So, I will focus on how we conquered. (After three years I also visited Trollduung, there was also the same feat – to climb this famous mountain).
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Bergen is considered the most rainy city in the world (300 rainy days a year). There is such a saying: "If you did not see Bergen in the rain, then you did not see it". In the neighboring Stavanger, the same situation, and local clothing appropriate. But I did not know this in October. When we who conquered stealing, went back home – I quietly hated all the Vikings with their swords, Norwegians with fashionable socks, deer, weather and even planes that we were delivered here.

It began with the fact that we, coming to Haugesund, found that there is no convenient transport to Stavanger. So we for the first time in life experienced hitchhiking. Of course, in the future I did not do this anymore, but still there is my own romance. Hitchhikers I do not condemn, I understand their lifestyle, but not quite accept.

Darkness, we go on the way, dripping rain, perfect asphalt shines under drops in the light of street lamps. Lands around the road. A small machine with a blond couple – a Military Grandparents and a dandelion grandmother, in the backseat of Georgina, seem to go with the cottages. In English do not say, call their children who are trying to learn from us where we go. It turned out that we were not on the way, but they brought us to the ferry, where the charming grandfather in military uniform found us a young oilman who went to Stavanger to shift, and literally ordered (friendly) to take us there, where we need.

We plunge into a huge ferry, the sea is a storm, shakes. We sit down and drink tea, money from us no boyfriend does not take (nor for the ferry, nor for tea), we are cute talking about our route, about Russia. And you know what? Around all this (around us, and even around the ship) Parit straight some kind and warm. I can not believe that people are brought, they are so smiling and so friendly. What do they really wonder where we come from.

As a result, he let us down to the campus and did not leave until the door was opened until the door was opened. Only when he was convinced that we went to the house, with a clean conscience left for a night shift to my oil platform. Imagine?

We lived with marina students from Moscow in a luxury campus, student houses here are very neat. Large kitchen-dining room, each has its own room. Shower. Actually two bedroom apartment on two students. She was very surprised that we had time to take 2 hours from Haa Bebends to Stavanger Airport. Could be faster if the ferry would not be waiting for 40 minutes 🙂 they agreed that lucky was lucky. Poured tea and fell to bed.

In the morning I looked at the weather forecast, promised a cloudy day with rains, so we decided to postpone steadily until Monday. Marina called on an excursion, wanted to show the place she really likes. We went to watch swords on the shore of Fjord. Huge stone swords of Vikings on a hill in memory of the battle, which was in those places in the 9th century. The decisive battle, which allowed one of the kings (Harald’s beautiful) to merge under its flag all the Norwegian lands in a single state. When we almost approached these swords, the strongest shower with hail began. I have never seen such a shower. Only then I understood the meaning of expression "Promkov to cowers".

In the evening we came to ourselves and went to the center. Began to meet the oil capital of Norway. So, salaries in the city are very large, many Germans, Polyakov, British. Imagine how much they earn, if the Germans with the British work here! ours are also there, especially students who are student in graduate school (oil specialty). Prices in stores are even higher than in Oslo. We bought eggs (6 pieces), bread (which was still needed to cook in the oven – delicious, by the way), cheese. For this minimum set of products gave 600 rubles (note that it is at the rate of six-year old). On weekdays in the supermarket you can buy everything much cheaper. By the way, about cheese – classic Norwegian cheese looks like a boiled condensed milk. And color and taste. Sweet-sweet. I really liked it, but I moved it 🙂

They went out – walked in the center, looked at the port, the lake and the temple. Stepped by the historic center with shops, there are no people. Empty. The shower was such a strength and with such a wind, which broke the umbrellas.

In Stavanger, there is a very interesting museum of oil, the building of which is stylized under the oil-producing platform. Sorry, did not have time to go because of bad weather. In general, the life of Stavanger turned over just because of black gold when he became the oil capital of Norway in the mid-1970s. Previously, the city was exclusively "fish", the last tin factory closed in 1966, and 1969 oil was found in the North Sea. In Stavanger, there is headquarters of the largest oil company Statoil.

In 2008, the city was the cultural capital of Europe. I got off on the Internet and found a curious detail: copper for the famous statue of freedom, installed in 1876 in the Bay of New York, was mined in the Rogalander mine (Stavanger). Now this mine is redone to the museum and open to visitors.

If you do not go in summer, then I advise you to dress on the weather, so as not to get asked how we. Jackets Norwegians buy very long, made from materials that do not miss moisture. Rubber boots for all sorts of colors and different drawings are sold in stores. Before our country, these boots reached only in 5 years 🙂

Stopped - the rock chair and the Norwegian fjord business card

We were waiting for an open steam from which we will shoot a video and fit wonderful nature.
And I needed to swim in Tau, ferries went out every hour.

Tau got acquainted with the cute Guatemalants who wanted to conquer with us to get to jack. We thought we would go around, why spend money on a taxi? Was a no-season, fall like nothing. Buses in the stuck was no longer there, and he was in kilometers of twelve. Machines were also particularly observed. Tried autouring. But somehow it was not lucky, we were all walked and went. Around beauty.

You go on the road, and along her rock, from which the purest water flows. Waterfalls 🙂

The weather was constantly changing – then overcast, it is clear, then the rain. Most of all it would be histed to rise up – and there is fog and gray. But before that moment there was still a very long time. We are just at the beginning of the way.

Finally, we turn with the main road on the sign, and we are picking up a cute couple of Norwegians. Those were very surprised that we were 90% of the way on foot. So, the pointer from the parking lot showed a map of our lifting with a mileage. I did not please, considering our fatigue.

Landscape is chic, constantly changing. Then mountain lakes, then rivers. Then rising on big stone blocks, for which mountain streams run, then on wooden bridges. All this is overcome in 2 hours, but since we were limited in time, we made a march of throw in 1.5 hours. If they were not stopped to take photos, then maybe, in general, would have helped.

Someone went and lost his shoes :)) did not reach the poor man.

On the way it is difficult to get lost, every 3 meters come across red stones marked. Sometimes it was easy to go, sometimes hard. There was still damp, the weather is clearly not for trekking. End of October – still extreme time.

Immediately, Guatemalantsi just rehearse. In general, there were few people. We were afraid that it would be crowded – the Internet is full of pictures, where the whole cliff is filled with people. So that even stand now. So far no one – captured beauty.

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