Stop, delay.

Adult Dutchman to the question, whether he uses drugs, will answer with an indulgent smile: I’m not eighteen years old.

Among the citizens of other countries that did not lose hunting for experiments, Amsterdam uses a reputation as a free city. With his characteristic tolerance, the Dutch takes in their countless Drag Tourists.

It may seem strange, but such a policy of Hidellands allows them to lag behind all European countries in the number of crimes on the basis of drug addiction and deaths from improper drug use.

As in all developed countries, the legislation of Hidellands shares narcotic substances according to the degree of impact. Use "lungs" Drugs, Derivatives of Canubis – Marijuana and Gasisha – is not qualified in Hidellands as a crime. Dutch police regulates their sale in certain places and quantities, thus preventing the development of drug business and the appearance of drug addicts. Coffee-shop – Semi-face establishments, well known as police and customers, are often subject to checks, and therefore the risk of appearing in them "Heavy" Drugs to which addiction takes place is almost equal to zero. The existence of wholesalers closes eyes, and this wise hypocrisy allows you to control establishments to some extent.

License for the content of Coffee-Shop, along with the right to get a new one, should not lose anything. Enough so that once the institution is closed by the police due to the complaints of the neighbors for public relations.

The distribution area of ​​Coffee-Shop’ov is limited to four Amsterdam districts. Three of them – tourist.

With the entry of Hidellands in the EU, the control even intensified and a number of provisions of the law was revised. Previously, the importation of narcotic substances was limited to 25 kilograms, now it is 2gram. Moreover, the importance is not allowed – simply not provided for other punishment for this, except for confiscation. In neighboring Belgium, for example, for the same amount you can get up to seven years.

In reality, it all looks like this: Coffee-Shop, trading "lungs" Drugs, no longer has the right to post green leaf in its orientation. He is now some element of his signboard in green: the letter, there, or the drawing, either hangs the garland of green light bulbs above the entrance, which in Christmas more than appropriate, and the experienced eye will not be mistaken. In this coffee-shop do not offer alcohol. Hapita Childish innocent: coffee, juice, cola, sprite. Has Stand – Pharmacy Scales. And menu from two sections. Grass and Hashish. In each of the names. Afghan, local, Colombian, depending on the delivery. Indicating the price per gram and for the finished cigarette. I was surprised that a large christmas sale applies to Coffee-Shop.

Stop, delay.

Atmosphere in institutions most often. Sit peaceful smiling people and drink coffee with cigarette in hand. Sometimes they kindly stretch to drag the neighbor. Parks gently giggled.

The board of the mayor and elders at the city council of Amsterdam introduced new rules of work Coffee-Shop, now they are prescribed at midnight. I did not notice that the rule goes into full force, in the block of red lanterns, at least, no one was going to closing at night. In more decent districts, the institution turned out to be closed, but we were offered to take it. And in the cafe almost on the main street, without a hint of greens in a signboard, with a full alcohol bar, on the rack it is incomprehensible for which a vase with filters and two broken tourists picked up their local black satellite so that he is the last time they are "Hope".

Introducing soft measures to combat drug businesses in Hidellands pursue the goal to minimize the crime on the basis of drug addiction. Indeed, grave crimes there are incomparably less than in more severe Germany and France, taking into account the number of population. The most common crime in Amsterdam on the soil of drug addiction is theft of bicycles. This is not difficult to see, coming in the evening to the square in front of the university. There are stolen. Whatever price is named first, you know – you can bargain only up to 25 guildren – the average price of one gram of medium grass. There are, of course, bicycles that pull on two, or even three grams, but they will have to pay again after a couple of days. And if such a handsome purchased in the store can be insured almost the full cost, then for the stealled outlet will be paid in full.

The main attraction of Amsterdam is not the house of Anna Frank, not the Van Gogh Museum, not Channels, not a quarter of red lamps, not a geiy cafe and not marijuhed leaf. The atmosphere of this city creates a wise tolerance of its inhabitants.

Stop, delay.

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